Caltrans District 4 Bike Plan Update

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Photograph of a group of bicyclists and pedestrians traveling on a tree-lined road.

Caltrans Bay Area (District 4) is updating the 2018 Bike Plan! The new Bike Plan will identify barriers to cycling, prioritize improvements and act as a resource for Caltrans staff to implement bike infrastructure on and across Caltrans facilities in the 9-county Bay Area.

What is a Bike Plan?

The Caltrans Bay Area Bike Plan will identify infrastructure improvements that can enhance bicycle safety, mobility, social equity and preservation throughout the Bay Area and remove some of the barriers to bicycling in the region. The Bike Plan will be developed in cooperation with local and regional partners to ensure that the improvements on the State Highway System complement proposals for local networks.

Vision and Goals

By 2040, people in California of all ages, abilities, and incomes can safely, conveniently, and comfortably bike for their everyday transportation needs

Image outlining the three goals of the bike plan. Safety: Reduce the number, rate, and severity of bicycle involved collisions. Mobility: Increase biking by providing comfortable, convenient and connected bikeways. Equity: Eliminate barriers to biking, co that everyone has access to high quality biking infrastructure no matter their race, socioeconomic status, identity or where they live.

Public Input

Comment on Caltrans' Bike Improvements Map

A Map of bike improvements was developed that prioritized biking location-based needs. Location-based needs are specific locations along or across the state highway system where infrastructure investments would most benefit people biking and best achieve the goals of the State Active Transportation plan. The Map details the needs of people biking as well as a tiered ranking system to prioritize these needs. This helps assess which needs might best be suited to move into project development over time.

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Stay Up to Date

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Bicycle Best Practices

The Caltrans Bay Area (District 4) Best Practices presents considerations and strategies for the development of bikeways on Caltrans facilities. The Best Practices were developed to obtain consensus and feedback from the public, stakeholders, and partner agencies on preferred designs, fill in gaps in existing design guidance, be a resource to staff when making comments on projects, and showcase examples of all ages and abilities facilities built on Caltrans right of way.

View the Best Practices and give your input

Progress on the 2018 Bike Plan

The 2018 Caltrans Bike Plan identified 587 bikeway improvements on and across the state highway system. Of those 587, Caltrans has made progress on 316 projects with 81 completed projects and 235 in development.

New Story Map

A new story map summarizes Caltrans' planning and project development efforts over the last five years. Click the link below to see the progress in your county.

View the Story Map


  Image showing the timeline for the bike plan. Summer 2023: Project Kickoff. Summer 2023 to Spring 2023: Analysis and Progress Report. Summer 2023 to Summer 2024: Working Group Meetings and Public Engagement. Spring 2024: Draft Plan, Public Review. In Summer 2024: Final Plan Released.



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