I-80 Monte Vista Pavement Rehabilitation

Project Description:

In Placer County on Interstate 80 from 0.45 miles west of the Monte Vista Overcrossing (PM 42.7) to 0.3 miles east of the Drum Forebay Overcrossing (PM 49.3), this project proposes to preserve pavement by addressing existing pavement in fair and poor conditions. The project will also extend the life of existing drainage systems; install/upgrade Traffic Management System (TMS) elements; improve mobility by adding an eastbound truck climbing lane to achieve overall delay savings and improve traffic operations, upgrade concrete barrier, sign panels & overhead structures; widen/replace structures; evaluate and construct wildlife connectivity.

Purpose and Need:

The project will preserve and extend the useful life of the existing pavement along eastbound I-80. The project will also extend the life of drainage systems that are near the end of their service life, improve roadside lighting, upgrade nonstandard median barrier, and upgrade/replace/add TMS system in the eastbound direction. This project will evaluate the need for wildlife connectivity.

The project will also improve the safety, reliability, and freight mobility of this mountain segment of I-80.

Funding (Programmed)/Cost Estimate (in $1,000):


Component SHOPP Total
Support Cost $12,730
Capital Cost $64,130
Total $76,860


Component Date of Completion
Project Approval & Environmental Document September 2022
Design Complete March 2023
Right of Way Certification April 2023
Ready to List May 2023
Funds Allocation June 2023
Advertise Project June 2023
Bids Open July 2023
Award Contract August 2023
Approve Contract  September 2023

News / Events

Press Releases:

06.15.22 Caltrans Seeks Community Feedback on Interstate 80 Project in Placer County

Project Contacts:

Mohan Bonala, Project Manager, (530) 788-3259; mohan.bonala@dot.ca.gov

Jeremy Linder, Public Information Officer, (530) 701-5209; jeremy.linder@dot.ca.gov