Richardson Grove Improvement Project


Caltrans proposes to make minor adjustments to the roadway alignment of Route 101 through Richardson Grove State Park. This project will allow access by industry standard-sized trucks conforming to the Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA), which are currently prohibited north of Leggett.

Purpose and Need

Route 101 is the primary north-south route serving the north coast of California and is critical to the commerce of the region. Route 101 through Richardson Grove is a narrow two-lane road with large old growth redwood trees adjacent to the traveled way.

Industry standard-sized trucks conforming to the Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA) are currently prohibited from traveling Route 101 north of Leggett due to the narrow alignment at Richardson Grove. This location is one of the few remaining areas of the state in which these trucks are not permitted. As STAA trucks have become the national standard, communities with routes unable to provide STAA access are at an economic disadvantage. Truck cargo must be unloaded and transferred to shorter trucks, making goods movement more expensive.

The truck restrictions at Richardson Grove are due to the tightness of the curves, making it difficult for longer trucks to stay within the traveled way. The 1.1 mile stretch of Richardson Grove is the only remaining location on Route 101 restricting access of STAA trucks traveling into Humboldt County from the south.

This project will adjust the roadway alignment to accommodate STAA truck travel through Richardson Grove. Improvement of goods movement will help local businesses stay competitive in the marketplace.

Project Construction

  • Date to be determined


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