Gualala Downtown Streetscape Enhancement

Downtown Gualala

Virtual Public Meeting Held

Caltrans and Mendocino Council of Governments (MCOG) held a virtual public meeting for the Gualala Downtown Streetscape project on January 14, 2021. The project team took previous project comments and presented a new alternative for community consideration.

View a recording of the meeting (External Site).

Gualala Downtown Streetscape Enhancement Project: View Looking South on Route 1 (Proposed)

Gualala Downtown Streetscape Enhancement Project: View Looking South on Route 1 (Proposed)

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Public Meeting Materials

Presentation slides - Gualala Downtown Streetscape Enhancement project (PDF)

Project Alternative Plan Views - Gualala Downtown Streetscape Enhancement (PDF)

Alternative 3 Plans – Gualala Downtown Streetscape Enhancement (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ-Gualala Downtown Streetscape Enhancement (PDF)

Online Survey Results Report – Gualala Downtown Streetscape Enhancement (PDF)

Gualala Town Plan (County of Mendocino website)

How Caltrans Builds Projects (PDF)

Complete Streets

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The Economic Benefits of Complete Streets – The Safe Routes Partnership (PDF)

The Project

Caltrans, in partnership with MCOG, proposes an enhancement project on State Route 1 (SR 1) through downtown Gualala in Mendocino County (post miles 0.6 to 1.0). The current design of the downtown area of Gualala has several deficiencies that could increase conflicts between motorized users, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Project Benefit

The purpose of the proposed project is to create safe, comfortable facilities for pedestrian and bicycle travel, and to improve traffic flow in the project area. The project is also intended to improve Gualala's visual character by incorporating landscape and hardscape features.

Project Status

Although the draft environmental document for the project has been circulated, community consensus on a final alternative has not been reached, and it may become necessary to recirculate the environmental document once a preferred alternative has been selected.

Project Costs

The total project cost estimate will be determined once a preferred alternative is selected. To date, MCOG has programmed $1.82 million for project development. Supplemental funding for project development and construction in the form of an Active Transportation Program grant is currently being pursued.

Project Sponsors

MCOG, Caltrans

Project Schedule

Begin construction (current schedule):  2026

Project Fact Sheet

Draft Environmental Document

Final Environmental Document

Project Information and Comments


Telephone Information:  (707) 441-5930


Project Manager
Katie Everett
(707) 684-6998

Public Information Officer (Media Inquiries)
Manny Machado
(707) 496-6879, TTY 711

Last reviewed: December 2023