Safety Spotlight

The Safety Spotlight is a feature article that highlights safety projects and programs that align with California SHSP’s goal to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries. In order to reach our goal toward zero fatalities and serious injuries, traffic safety depends on the collaborative and innovative work of local, regional, private, and public sector partners. These success stories provide a platform to bring awareness to successful safety efforts and encourage similar projects to be implemented across the state.

California Street Safety Project - SFMTA

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has been an advocate for evaluating roadway networks and assessing the needs of their ever-changing roadway users. The SFMTA Vision Zero Highway Injury Network and Vision Zero Quick Build tools have encouraged the city to identify and implement proven and innovative countermeasures, such as road diets and day-lighting, to reduce the number and severity of collisions on high priority roadways.

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