Right of Way Manual – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Is the Right of Way Manual available online?

Yes – visit our manual page to view, download and/or print the Right of Way Manual.  All individual chapters are available in PDF, as well as the complete Right of Way Manual it its entirety.

Are forms available online?

Yes – visit our forms page for fillable PDFs of all forms. 
Are exhibits available online?

Yes – visit our exhibits page for available Word, Excel or PDF versions. 
Who do I contact if I have a question about the Right of Way Manual?

Please feel free to email the R/W Publications Manager at RWManual@dot.ca.gov.  
Are revisions and previous versions available online?

Yes – visit our revisions page for previous versions and revision information. 
How often is the Right of Way Manual published?

The Right of Way Manual is published each January and July; please see the current Right of Way Manual for the upcoming publication schedule.
How can I sign up for Right of Way Manual updates?

Subscribe to our mailing list at our manual page to receive Right of Way Manual updates. 
How can I request edits and/or make suggestions to the Right of Way Manual, forms or exhibits?

Submit a Right of Way Manual Revision Request to RWManual@dot.ca.gov.  The Revision Request is available at our revisions page

What's the revision process for the Right of Way Manual?

Revisions are typically drafted by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) at Headquarters.  Draft revisions are circulated through statewide Right of Way Management Board members, statewide Functional Council members, Caltrans Legal, and FHWA.  All review comments are provided to the author for review and consideration.  Once all changes are incorporated, final approved drafts are submitted to Publications Manager for incorporation into the upcoming Right of Way Manual.  All revision information is noted in the corresponding Right of Way Manual Change (RWMC) memo.   If revisions require immediate implementation ahead of the next January/July publication, an interim policy memo will be issued and distributed.