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The Right of Way Manual is published in January and July; please see the current Right of Way Manual for the upcoming publication schedule.

Active Right of Way Manual Directives (Interim Policy Memos)

 #  Chapter Number and Title  Subject  Revision Date
RWMD 22-01 (PDF) Chapter 5 - Early and Advance Acquisition; Corridor Preservation; Hardship and Protection; Donations and Dedications Early Acquisition vs. Advance Acquisition and Delegation for Approval 02-07-2022

Recent Right of Way Manual Change Memos

#  Revision Date
RWMC 22-01 (PDF) 01-14-2022
RWMC 21-02 (PDF) 07-16-2021
RWMC 21-01 (PDF) 01-08-2021

Recently Superseded Right of Way Manual Directives (Interim Policy Memos)

# Chapter Number and Title Subject Initial Revision Date 

 Superseded/ Incorporated Date

 RWMD 21-02 (PDF)  Chapter 16 - Excess Land  Direct Conveyance Under Government Code (GC) Section 14012  08-06-2021  01-14-2022
 RWMD 21-01 (PDF)  Chapter 16 - Excess Land  Direct Sale of Commercial Property Pursuant to SHC Section 118.1  05-20-2021  01-14-2022
 RWMD 20-03 (PDF)  Chapter 12 - Clearance and Demolition  Treated Wood Waste Disposal  12-07-2020  09-15-2021 (Rescinded)
 RWMD 20-02 (PDF)  Various   U.S. DOT Mandate 1050.2 A Assurances and Appendices  12-01-2020   09-13-2021

Recently Superseded Right of Way Manual Editions

 Publication Edition  Revision Date    Superseded Date
 July 2021 (PDF)  07-16-2021  01-14-2022
 January 2021 (PDF)  01-08-2021  07-16-2021