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The Right of Way Manual moved to an annual publication in August 2018.

Right of Way Manual Change Memos

#  Revision Date
RWMC 20-01 (PDF) 1/8/2020

RWMC 19-01 (PDF) 


Active Right of Way Manual Directives (Interim Policy Memos)

(Currently none)

Previous/Superseded Right of Way Manual Directives (Interim Policy Memos)

# Chapter Number and Title Subject Revision Date Superseded/Incorporated Date
RWMD 19-01 (PDF) Various Right of Way Manual - Retired and Internal-Only Exhibits 7/1/2019 1/8/2020
RWMD 18-01 (PDF) Chapter 3 - Programming and Budgeting Federal Aid Funding Documentation Requirements 9/14/2018 1/8/2020
RWMD 18-02 (PDF)    Chapter 9 - Condemnation Reducing the Timeframe for Mailing/Service of Notices of Intent (NOI) to Adopt a Resolution of Necessity (RON) 10/2/2018 1/2/2019