Annual Crash Data on California State Highways

Annual Crash Data on California State Highway System Summary

Each published Annual Report presents annual crash data on California State Highway System, with complete crash dataset by a single year (January 1 to  December 31), and summarized by urban, rural, suburban, statewide, and district or county according to the following categories as listed below:

  • Trend Chart
    • Combined Crash Rate
    • Fatal & Injury Crash Combined Rate
    • Fatality Rate
  • Statewide Travel (Million Vehicle Mile) and Crash Rate including lane type, road miles travel for 3-Year Rates & 5-Year Freeway Trend
  • Number of Crashes 
    • Statewide
    • District
    • County
  • Basic Average Crash Rate Table for Highway, Intersection and Ramp
  • Pedestrian Fatality and Injury Data by County
  • Bicycle Fatality and Injury Data by County
  • Chart for All Crashes, Fatal Crashes, and Injury Crashes
    •  Charts are compiled by all crashes, plus 5 level of severity crashes (starting in 2020)
      • 1 - Fatal Injury
      • 2 - Suspected Serious Injury
      • 3 - Suspected Minor Injury
      • 4 - Possible Injury
      • 0 - Property Damage Only
  • Month
  • Week
  • Hour of Day
  • Type of Crash
  • Primary Crash Factor
  • Weather Condition
  • Lighting Condition

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