Earmark Repurposing 2018

2018 Repurposed Earmark Funding Expiring September 30, 2021

These funds are set to expire by September 30, 2021 if they have not been obligated to their intended project by that time. Below is a document listing those Repurposed Earmarks at risk of expiring by District and Sponsor.

2018 Repurposed Earmark Funds Expiring by 09/30/2021 (PDF) (Updated January 27, 2021)

Final Approved Earmark Repurposing Project List

FHWA has completed their approval of California’s Earmark Repurposing transfer requests for 2018. Below is the list of approved projects with the appropriate funding (with Federal Program Codes). Once funds have been programmed into the FSTIP, agencies may begin working with their DLAEs to process Requests for Authorization (RFAs) in accordance with the Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM).

Final Approved Earmark Repurposing Project List

Project Lists Updated

We have taken the initial repurposing lists received from FHWA and filtered them down to represent earmarks that meet the criteria to be repurposed. See links “Earmark Projects with Less than 10% Obligated” and “Earmark Projects with Greater than 10% Obligated” lists, which together outline the earmarks and amounts of funding eligible to be repurposed in this 2018 Repurposing Effort. BE AWARE that we have represented the available funds in two columns on each table:

  • Special Obligational Authority, which represents the amount of Apportionment with Obligation Authority (OA) available, or what we might refer to as “actual funding”.
  • Additional Apportionment, which represents the amount of additional Apportionment without OA, which can only be used if other regional OA is used (generally STBGP or CMAQ).

For the 2018 Efforts, we have identified the following total funds available statewide:
Earmarks < 10% Ob’d: $11.9 million OA available; additional $1.3 million Apportionment (no OA) available.
Earmarks > 10% Ob’d: $8.0 million OA available; additional $4.8 million Apportionment (no OA) available.

2018 Earmark Repurposing Teleconference Announced

On Tuesday, July 10th we will be hosting a Teleconference to introduce the 2018 Effort and run through Q&A. This teleconference will run from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm, the call-in number is (877) 939-0873, and the Participant Code is 2770236. Please feel free to join hosts John Hoole and Chris Jensen as they host this Open Mic Afternoon!


On May 9, 2018, FHWA issued guidance on the implementation of Earmark repurposing provisions contained in the Department of Transportation Appropriations Act, 2018.

The Department of Transportation Appropriations Act, 2018 allows States to repurpose any earmark that was designated on or before September 30, 2007, and is Less than 10 percent obligated or final vouchered and closed.

The repurposed funds may be obligated on a new or existing project in the State within 50 miles of the earmark designation. The project must be an eligible project under the Surface Transportation Block Grant Program (STBG). The Repurposing Provision is available to be applied in FY 2018.

Letter from the Division Chief

Timeline and Projects

FHWA 2018 Earmark Repurposing Guidance

If you have any questions regarding the Earmark Repurposing, please send email to Repurposing@dot.ca.gov.

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