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Embark on a Career of Impact and Innovation at Caltrans

Ready to dive into a career filled with innovative tech and a focus on community safety? Your path starts at Caltrans, where we're transforming transportation, and endless career possibilities await! With a strong team of over 22,000, we offer roles in engineering, project management, environmental planning, public outreach, and hands-on trades like electrical, mechanical, and maintenance work, to name a few. With Caltrans’s diversity of career options, regardless of your background, you’ll find a spot within our organization.

At Caltrans, our mission is to create a safe, reliable transportation network that serves everyone and respects the environment. Our values of engagement, equity, innovation, integrity, and pride drive us to excel and to make a positive impact together. With robust training, a focus on career development, mentorship from seasoned pros, and a friendly work atmosphere, we aim to foster your personal and professional growth.

What are you waiting for? Join the team today!  Check out our vacancies on CalCareers!

Not quite ready for employment?  We have paid student intern positions available to provide a stepping stone into the transportation sector. Kickstart your career journey with Caltrans. Learn about or apply to an internship on University Enterprises!

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Step 1: Create a CalCareers Account

The first step to applying for state jobs is creating your CalCareers account. Follow the easy steps below to get started!

  • Go to
  • Select Log In
  • Select Create an Account
  • Now you’re ready to Create an Application Template to apply for job postings, which makes applying to jobs even quicker!

Step 2: Confirm the Eligibility Requirements and Take an Examination

First, you will need to determine which classifications or jobs you are interested in, then determine if you meet the minimum qualifications as listed on the job advertisement, you will need to use the classification title in the “Exams/Assessment Search” on CalCareers.

Step 3: Start Applying for Jobs!

Applying to the state has never been easier! You can search for job vacancies by using the “Advanced Job Search” on CalCareers by entering search criteria you’re interested in (classification, location, keywords, etc.).

To learn the best approaches when applying and interviewing with Caltrans, use the training series below:

Caltrans Career Compass



Special Recruitment Events

You will find information here when we hold unique recruitment events throughout the State. However, no worries if you don't see anything, as we're always hiring! Go back to the section above on 'Steps to Apply' and START TODAY!

Our Rockin' Recruiters are heading to a campus near you!

Date Time Campus
April 10th 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm San Jose State University
April 10th 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Fresno State University
April 16th 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm California State University, Sacramento
April 16th 10:00 am - 4:15 pm California State University, Los Angeles
April 18th 10:00 am - 2:00 pm California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
April 23rd 11:45 am - 12:45 pm San Diego State University
April 23rd 12:00 pm - 7:30 pm University of California, Davis
April 25th 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm California State University, Chico
May 9th 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm California State University, Fullerton

For more information on the recruitment events above or if you would like us to attend/host an event in your area, please reach out to a recruiter.

For a complete listing of events, please see our Event Calendar.

Spring 2024 Vacancies

Below are the current vacancies for Spring 2024, sorted by geographic region. Visit CalCareers to see all current vacancies in Caltrans.

District Classification County Job Control #
 5 Civil Engineer San Luis Obispo  420618 
 5 Civil Engineer San Luis Obispo 420846
 5 Civil Engineer  Santa Barbara  421012
 5 Civil Engineer Monterey 421017
 5 Civil Engineer Santa Cruz 421025
 5 Land Surveyor  San Luis Obispo 422860 
 6 Civil Engineer  Fresno  422843 
 6 Civil Engineer Tulare 422865 
 6 Civil Engineer Kern  422875 
 6 Right of Way Agent  Fresno  422752 
 10 Civil Engineer San Joaquin 424569 
 10 Civil Engineer Multiple  421043 
 10 Land Surveyor  San Joaquin 424100 

District Classification County Job Control #
 7 Civil Engineer  Multiple 424306
 7 Electrical Engineer Multiple 424294
Civil Engineer Multiple 421821 
8 Civil Engineer  Multiple 421851 
Civil Engineer San Bernardino 421874
11 Civil Engineer San Diego  423141
11  Civil Engineer  San Diego 424173 
11  Civil Engineer  San Diego  423715 
11  Civil Engineer San Diego  423152 
12  Civil Engineer  Orange  424048 

District Classification County Job Control #
1 Civil Engineer Del Norte 418536
1 Civil Engineer Humboldt 418564
1 Civil Engineer Lake 418772
1 Civil Engineer Mendocino 418682
2 Civil Engineer Lassen 418693
2 Civil Engineer Modoc 418820
2 Civil Engineer Plumas 418789
2 Civil Engineer Shasta 418684
2 Civil Engineer Siskiyou 418691
2 Civil Engineer Tehama 418814
2 Civil Engineer Trinity 418864
3 Civil Engineer Butte 418444
3 Civil Engineer Colusa 418533
3 Civil Engineer El Dorado 418540
3 Civil Engineer Glenn 418558
3 Civil Engineer Nevada 418696
3 Civil Engineer Placer 418687
3 Civil Engineer Sacramento 418680
3 Civil Engineer Sierra 418869
3 Civil Engineer Sutter 418678
3 Civil Engineer Yolo 418675
3 Civil Engineer Yuba 417881
4 Civil Engineer Multiple 424562
4 Civil Engineer Alameda 421287
4 Civil Engineer Alameda 423614
4 Civil Engineer Alameda 424546
4 Civil Engineer Alameda 424587
4 Civil Engineer Alameda 424673
Planning Civil Engineer Sacramento 424758
Engineering Services Civil Engineer Multiple 422223
Engineering Services Civil Engineer Sacramento 422540

What benefits do we offer

Caltrans offers excellent benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Medical, Dental, Vision
  • Sick Leave, Vacations, Holidays
  • Flexible Schedules (Telework)
  • Engineer & Job Rotation Programs
  • Trainings and Upward Mobility
  • Mentorship and Career Counseling
  • Retirement Plans, 401k & 457(b)

Learn more about benefits with Caltrans at CalHR

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