Examinations Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a current list of job openings at Caltrans?

We list all Caltrans vacancies through the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR)'s CalCareers website (https://jobs.ca.gov/) using their California State Jobs search.

  • CalCareers
  • Caltrans Job Vacancies on CalCareers
  • Post and Bid - Available to Caltrans internal candidates only. Post and Bid is a benefit under certain union contracts which gives permanent full-time employees, the right to transfer to another position within their classification in the Department based on seniority. See Caltrans' Post and Bid page for more information.
  • CEA Job Openings - Caltrans Career Executive Assignments: high level administrative and policy-influencing positions for which the primary responsibility is the managing of a function or rendering of management advice to top level administrative authority.
  • MSP Job Openings - Caltrans Managerial Selection Process (MSP) Exams

I took an examination online/job posting, do I need to submit a hard copy application as well?

No. You do not need to also complete a hard copy application if you have already submitted one for an online examination.

I have taken an examination, when will I receive my results?

This will depend on the number of applications received for the examination.

Candidates can expect to receive their results approximately 6-8 weeks after the cut-off date or final filing date.

If you have not received your notice within this time frame, please contact the Caltrans Examinations Unit at (916) 227-7858 and ask to speak to the examination analyst.

How can I view my examination results online?

Most examination results may be viewed in your CalCareers account.

Note: The written hurdle for Transportation Engineer, Civil & Electrical, as well as the Staff Services Analyst Transfer Examination results will not be listed in your CalCareers account. Please retain your notice of examination results.

I've been rejected from taking an examination. Who do I call to find out why I cannot take the examination?

Please call (916) 227-7858 or email AskExams@dot.ca.gov and ask the receptionist to connect you with the analyst assigned to the examination.

I failed the examination and I want to discuss my results, the test, and my answers, who do I call?

Examinations staff cannot discuss any elements of the examination with candidates. If a candidate is dissatisfied with examination results, the next course of action is to appeal the examination, in writing with the State Personnel Board (SPB).

Visit http://www.spb.ca.gov/appeals/appeals.aspx for SPB Appeal information.

I have a disability. How can I ensure that I receive Reasonable Accommodation when I take an examination?

Be sure to state your need for Reasonable Accommodation (RA) on question #10 on the State Application (STD.678) by marking "Yes" to that question.

Once confirmed that an RA is needed for the examination, the analyst will contact you for additional information and documentation to determine what accommodations are needed.

Why do I need to provide documentation for my Reasonable Accommodation request?

The Reasonable Accommodation (RA) request on the State Application is intended for candidates with a disability to request assistance during an examination, however, it does not verify need for reasonable accommodation.

In order to grant an RA request due to disability, written verification from a physician or agencies like the Department of Rehabilitation is required.

Are there study guides for Caltrans examinations?

Study guides are generally not available; however, some online examinations will allow you to preview the questions prior to beginning the examination. If a preview is available for the examination you are taking, the link can be found in the examination bulletin.

The examination is developed to test the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) posted in the bulletin. Please read the examination bulletin in full for a list of applicable KSA’s for that classification prior to taking the examination.

How do I know where I rank on a "list"?

Click HERE to access your rank through the Eligible List Disclosure. 

I noticed that Caltrans offers many different types of examinations (e.g., Open, Promotional, Written, Education & Experience, etc.). What are these types of examinations and what do they mean?

Examination Basis

Basis of Competition: The examination base determines who may be eligible to compete in a particular examination.

  • Open: Any candidate may compete who meets the minimum qualifications of the classification being examined. Veteran's Preference will be applied to qualifying veterans who pass the examination.
  • Open, Non-Promotional: Any candidate may compete who meets the minimum qualifications of the classification being examined. Career Credits are applied to the final score of this examination. Veteran's Preference will be applied to qualifying veterans who pass the examination.
  • Promotional: Any State employee may compete who has a Permanent appointment with Caltrans; or had a Permanent appointment with Caltrans in the last three years without a break in State civil service; or is a current/former employee of the Legislature for two or more years; or is a current/former non-elected exempt employee of the Executive Branch for two or more years; or an honorably discharged Veteran; and who meets the minimum qualifications of the classification being examined.

Exam Type: The type of exams that Caltrans currently offers.

  • Education & Experience (E & E) Assessment: Measures a candidate's education and experience as described on their application against a set of predetermined criteria. E&E examinations are used when the candidate group is small, there are no significant sensitive issues, and the hiring process is consistent with the selection process.
  • Performance Exam: Candidates are required to demonstrate specific skills by performing actual segments of work using identified tools, materials, equipment, and methods.
  • Modified Qualifications Appraisal Panel (ModQAP): Candidates are presented with a series of patterned questions they must respond to using a computer terminal within a given amount of time. Candidate responses are measured against predetermined criteria.
  • Supplemental Application Questionnaire: Requires the completion of a supplemental application, in addition to a standard State application (STD.678), in which candidates may be asked to provide their work experience and accomplishments and respond to patterned questions. Candidate responses are measured against predetermined criteria.
  • Training & Experience (T & E) Assessment: Online examinations administered by the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) have traditionally been T&E assessments. Candidates access the examination at anytime online and self-certify that they meet the minimum qualifications for participation in the examination. Candidates indicate specific training and/or experience relevant to job-related knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Written Exam: A multiple-choice, written examination that tests for specific, well-defined, and job-related knowledge, skills, and abilities. Candidates respond to multiple choice questions on scantron answer sheets that are scored against an established answer key.

For more information on examinations and job vacancies, please visit jobs.ca.gov.