Complete Streets Branch

About Us

To mainstream complete streets within Caltrans' processes and procedures, the Director's Office of Equity, Sustainability & Tribal Affairs:

  • Provides technical input and strategic direction on policies and guidance related to walking, biking, and transit; 
  • Facilitates information sharing on complete streets topics across the Department;
  • Coordinates the development of guidance, communication, and training on Department goals, progress, and successes; and 
  • Spearheads external communication of Department progress and successes related to complete streets.

Our Work

Manage and Report on Priority Complete Streets Actions

In collaboration with numerous Caltrans Divisions and Districts, the Director's Office of Equity, Sustainability & Tribal Affairs developed the Complete Streets Action Plan to identify the highest priority actions needed to implement the new Director's Policy for Complete Streets (DP-37) over the next two years (2022-23).


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Coordinate the California Walk and Bike Technical Advisory Committee

The Sustainability Office coordinates the CWBTAC, a diverse group of external partners and stakeholders--ranging from local and regional public agencies to non-governmental and community-based organizations--to provide regular strategic input and technical guidance on Caltrans’ complete streets and active transportation efforts. 

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