3. Light-Duty Utility Vehicles

Light-duty utility vehicles include all categories listed in the Equipment Catalog, including 9-ft Cargo Bodies, Cone Bodies, Mechanic Bodies, all Pickups up to and including 1 ton, Plumbing Trucks, Sign Bodies, Step Vans, Survey Bodies, Utility Bodies and Work Vans. Light-duty utility vehicles make up approximately 40% of the Caltrans equipment fleet.

3.1 Color

Light-duty utility vehicles shall be factory standard white.

3.2 Striping

Left and right sides of all light-duty utility vehicles shall have a 5" or 6" horizontal orange stripe as specified in 1.3A applied at the approximate height shown in the example photographs. The rear of vehicles greater than or equal to 80" in width and all box type utility bodies shall have orange and white diagonal reflective striping as specified in 1.3B applied through the longest clear area (usually extending through the center of the tailgate on box type utility bodies or on the rear cross member of flat bodies.) The rear of vehicles less than 80" wide shall have an orange stripe of the same width as the side striping applied across the rear of the vehicle in alignment with the side striping.

3.3 Door Decals

Front side doors shall have a 'CT' decal specified in 1.4.A and sized to fit the available space, preferably centered in the orange stripe. A black 'Caltrans' script decal specified in 1.4.B shall be affixed below the 'CT' decal.

3.4 'Caltrans' Script Decals

A reflective orange 'Caltrans' script decal specified in 1.4.D shall be affixed to the rear of the vehicle near the left side. Exception: When available space is constrained due to vehicle design, location of brand logos, or other factors, the orange 'Caltrans' script may be replaced with the white 'Caltrans' script specified in 1.4.C and affixed to the rear orange stripe.

3.5 'Cone Zone' Decals

All Light Duty Utility vehicles shall have the "Slow for the Cone Zone" decal specified in 1.4.E affixed to the rear of the vehicle in the lower, left corner.

3.6 Striping and Decal Drawings

Cargo Body I-01250-DE (PDF) 
Cargo Mini Van I-00478-DE (PDF) 
Cone Body, 1 Ton I-01237-DE (PDF) 
Mechanic Body, 1 Ton I-01236-DE (PDF) 
Pickup, 1/2 Ton I-007PU-DE (PDF) 
Pickup, 3/4 Ton and 1 Ton I-00800-DE (PDF) 
Pickup, Surveyor, 3/4 Ton, 4x4, AFV, Delineation MC 10832 (PDF)
Pickup, Mini I-004PU-DE (PDF) 
Survey Body, 1 Ton I-01239-DE (PDF) 
Utility Body, 3/4 Ton and 1 Ton I-00830-DE (PDF) 
Utility Body with Personnel Hoist I-01282-DE (PDF) 
Utility Truck, Crew Cab, 1 1/2-Ton 4x4, Delineation MC 11434 (PDF) 
Van, Delivery, 1 Ton I-00870-DE (PDF) 
Van, Full-size , Maintenance, AFV, Delineation MC 00858 (PDF) 
Van, Full-size , Survey I-00250-DE (PDF)

When available, drawings take precedence over text and photos. Contact Engineering Design at (916) 227-9673 for most recent drawing updates or for full size drawings.