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DES is the lead project delivery organization for the design, construction, and oversight of bridges and other transportation structures. DES strives to provide a collaborative and equitable work environment that welcomes innovation and creativity. 

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DES Subdivisions

Bridge Design

In the Bridge Design, dynamic teams of engineers design complex bridge structures including precast and Accelerated Bridge Construction methodologies to construct:

  • Slab Bridges
  • Box Girder Bridges
  • I-Girder Bridges
  • Segmental Bridges
  • Steel Bridges
  • Arch Bridges

Bridge Design offers you opportunities to model bridge structures and perform seismic analyses using the latest finite element software.

Putting the final design on plan sheets and helping to develop specifications involves attention to detail and can be rewarding to see through to construction.

Current Bridge Design Openings

Geotechnical Services

Geotechnical Services (GS) provides statewide planning, design and construction recommendations to achieve project objectives. Working for GS, you may be involved with:

  • Soil and rock field investigations
  • Geotechnical earthquake engineering
  • Exploratory drilling, geophysics, and the development of foundation recommendations for structures, including design and construction support
  • Providing emergency response to landslides, rockfalls, bridge scour and earthquake damage
  • Working in an AZLA accredited geotechnical laboratory
  • Developing statewide policy, standards and guidance for engineering geology products and services
  • Serving as the Department’s liaison to professional groups involved in soil and geologic investigations, design and construction.

Current Geotechnical Openings

Materials Engineering & Testing Services

Materials Engineering and Testing Services (METS) authorizes the shipment of materials from fabrication shops to construction projects. METS uses materials science, test results, industry best practices, and fabrication expertise to make materials acceptance decisions and to develop appropriate standards and quality assurance requirements used to manage construction projects.
METS also conducts forensic analyses and assesses innovative new materials that may provide longer lasting, more sustainable transportation facilities. As Caltrans’ central laboratory, METS performs and sets the standards for complex testing in the areas of:

  • Aggregate
  • Asphalt
  • Chemistry
  • Concrete
  • Corrosion
  • Electrical systems
  • Non-destructive
  • Structural mechanics evaluation

The team of engineers and technicians at METS enjoys solving complex materials engineering challenges.

Current METS Openings

Program/Project Management & Office Engineer

Program/Project Management and Office Engineer (PPM&OE) offers exciting opportunities in project management. PPM&OE manages the Division’s Capital Outlay Support and Non-Capital Program. The Subdivision is responsible for a wide range of opportunities. Areas of responsibility include:

  • Developing project work plans, allocating resources and monitoring program resource utilization
  • Develop, maintain and report management indicators
  • Providing project management expertise, training and support using proven project management techniques and tools
  • Advertise and award $4 billion dollars in major construction contracts annually
  • Conduct independent quality assurance reviews to provide qualified contractors with a fair opportunity to bid on Department construction contracts.

Current PPM&OE Openings

Structure Construction

Working for Structure Construction is an exciting career as you will:

  • Gain qualifying experience for the Professional Engineering Exam
  • Interface with contractors on projects all over the state in the role of contract administrator
  • Ensure that projects are built to conform to construction contract plans and specifications with the highest possible quality
  • Perform on-site inspection and collaboration as you oversee the construction of bridges, earth retaining structures, culverts, tunnels, and other structures on the state highway system
  • Provide technical support for the design and construction of complex falsework and shoring

In this Subdivision, you will interface with engineers in other subdivisions throughout the life of projects and, best of all, see projects to completion.

Current Structure Construction Openings

Structures and Engineering Services

Structures and Engineering Services (SES) provides a variety of engineering and architectural products and services, including:

  • Structural design of ancillary (e.g., culverts, sound walls, bridge barriers, overhead sign structures, and earth retaining systems)
  • Special analyses, including earthquake engineering and hydraulic studies for bridges and structures
  • Developing architectural and structural designs for buildings and other transportation-related facilities
  • Developing architectural and aesthetic details and designs for bridges and other structures
  • Providing electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering products and services for transportation-related facilities (e.g., pumping plants, movable bridges, buildings, etc.)
  • Acting as a liaison and providing technical support to ensure that structures designed by others conform to Department policies, standards, and practices
  • Supporting local agencies with the delivery of their federal-aid structure projects.

Current SES Openings

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