Engineering Services Informational Media

Engineering Services Instructional Media page is a series of informative and interesting video, highlighting the Division of Engineering Services, from application processes to examples of work and environment that DES does to enhance California's economy and livability.


DESĀ  American River Bridge Project

This video provides viewers with an inside look at the American River Bridge Project. Our marketing team selected three Transportation Engineering (Civil) Services practitioners to offer a personal account of what it takes to complete a project that enhances California’s infrastructure.

Transportation Engineer Civil Examination How-to-Guide

TE Civil Examination Description: The TE Civil Examination video demonstrates each step needed to complete the TE Civil Examination in CalCareers in addition to directions on how to navigate the CalCareers interface.

Transportation Engineer (Civil) Application How-To-Guide

TE Civil Application Template: The TE Civil Application Template video demonstrates each step needed to create a CalCareers account, which is needed to apply for State jobs. Additionally, the video will address how to complete a State of California's official State Application (STD 678) from the My Account interface.

Transportation Engineer (Civil) Job Application Submission How-To-Guide

TE Civil Application Submission: The TE Civil Application Submission video demonstrates how to apply for an open vacancy and how to submit a Job Application Package within CalCareers.