Standard Plans User Guides


General Information

The User Guides listed below are developed and maintained by the Division of Engineering Services (DES) Technical Organization to assist with design and provide additional information on Construction Contract Standard Plans. Updates and additions to the User Guides will be on an as needed basis.


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Send technical questions to the applicable Technical Owner.

Standard Plan No(s). User Guide Title Posted Date
A76BA, A76BB, A76BC Section A76 - CONCRETE BARRIER TYPE 60 SERIES - Type 60P, Type 60PR, and Type 60AP (PDF)  07/19/2017
D72A, D72B, D72C, D72D, D72E, D72F, D72G, D73A, D73B, D73C, D73D, D73E, D73F, D73G, D74, D89 Section D - DRAINAGE INLETS, PIPE INLETS AND GRATES - Drainage Inlets - CULVERT HEADWALLS, ENDWALLS, WINGWALLS AND JUNCTION STRUCTURE - Culvert Headwalls (PDF)
B11-58, B11-59 Section B - BRIDGE CONCRETE BARRIERS - Concrete Barrier Type 732SW (PDF)  04/04/2017
RS2, RS3, RS4


Appendix A Roadside Signs (PDF)

Change Summary for Standard Plan (PDF)

S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S8, S9, S10, S11, S12, S13, S15, S16, S17, S18, S19, S20,
S21, S22

Section S - OVERHEAD SIGNS - Truss (PDF)

Appendix A Overhead Signs Truss (PDF)

Appendix B Overhead Signs Truss (PDF)

Appendix C Overhead Signs Truss (PDF)

Appendix D Overhead Signs Truss (PDF)

S6, S16, S17, S17A, S18, S30, S31, S32, S33, S34, S35, S36, S37

Section S - OVERHEAD SIGNS - Tubular (PDF)

Appendix A Overhead Signs Tubular (PDF)

Appendix B Overhead Signs Tubular (PDF)

Appendix C Overhead Signs Tubular (PDF)

Appendix D Overhead Signs Tubular (PDF)


S100, S101, S102, S103, S104, S105, S106, S107, S108, S109, S110, S111, S112, S113, S114, S115, S116, S117, S118, S119, S120, S121, S122, S123, S124


Appendix A Overhead Signs-Versatile Truss (PDF)

Appendix B Overhead Signs-Versatile Truss (PDF)

Appendix C Overhead Signs-Versatile Truss (PDF)


ES-6A, ES-6B, ES-6C, ES-6D, ES-6E, ES-6F, ES-6G

ES-7A, ES-7B, ES-7C, ES-7D, ES-7E, ES-7F, ES-7G, ES-7H, ES-7J, ES-7K, ES-7L,

ES-7M, ES-7N, ES-7O, ES-7P, ES-7Q, ES-7R


ES-16A, ES-16B, ES-16C, ES-16D
Section ES - ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS - Structural Supports (Poles, Posts and Standards) (PDF) 07/19/2017
ES‐18A, ES‐18B, ES‐18C, ES‐18D, ES‐18E,
ES‐19A, ES‐19B, ES‐19C, ES‐19D, and ES‐19E

Section ES - ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS - Temporary Wood Poles (PDF)

Appendix A Temporary Wood Poles (PDF)