Geotechnical Specifications

A Non-Standard Special Provision (nSSP) is a special provision that is either modified beyond what is allowed in the SSP instructions, or a special provision that does not appear in the list of Caltrans HQ/Office Engineer (HQ/OE) approved Standard Special Provisions (SSPs).


19  19-11: Compaction Grouting
19  19-13: EPS Geofoam Blocks
19  19-15: Trenchless Methods for Culvert and Utility Installation

46-2.01B: Added Definition for Verification Tests of Ground Anchors

46-2.01C: Verification Test Specific Information

46-2.01D(2)(c): Ground Anchor Verification Test

46-2.01D(3)(c): Verification Test Acceptance Criteria

46-2.03E: Construction of Verification Test Ground Anchors

(Verify pullout resistance from grout in anchor bonded length only)

46-3.01C(1): Added Submittal Requirement for Pull-to-Failure Verification Test Nail Bar

46-3.01D(2)(b)(ii)(B): Load Schedule for Pull-to-Failure Verification Test

(Test to 3 x Nominal Pullout Resistance with the objective of testing to failure to obtain actual pullout resistance

96-1.02S: EPS Geofoam Blocks

96-1.02T: Gasoline Resistant Geomembrane

(to be used with 19-13 – EPS Geofoam Block)