Geotechnical Manual

The Geotechnical Manual documents the Department's standards of practice for geotechnical investigations, design, and reporting.

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Table of Contents

Implementation Date  Revision Logs
Introduction (PDF) June 2022
Rev. Log - Introduction (PDF)
Reporting Standards  

Foundation Reports for Bridges (PDF)

January 2021

Rev. Log - FR for Bridges (PDF)

Foundation Reports for Earth Retaining Systems (PDF)

January 2021

Rev. Log - FR for ERS (PDF)

Foundation Reports for Buildings (PDF)

January 2020

  Rev. Log - FR for Buildings (PDF)

Geotechnical Design Reports (PDF)

February 2021

  Rev. Log - GDR (PDF)
Geotechnical Notes for Specifications (PDF)
January 2022
Rev. Log - Notes for Specs (PDF)
Geotechnical Non-Standard Special Provision Process (PDF)
June 2022
Rev. Log - NSSP (PDF)
Geotechnical Investigations (PDF) November 2020
Rev. Log - Investigations (PDF)
Soil and Rock Logging (PDF)
September 2019
Rev. Log - S&R Logging (PDF)
Borehole Location (PDF)
March 2012 Rev. Log - Borehole Location (PDF)
Soil Correlations (PDF)
March 2021 Rev. Log - Soil Correlations (PDF)
Corrosion Evaluation (PDF)
March 2022
Rev. Log - Corrosion Evaluation (PDF)
Standard Plan Designs (PDF)
November 2010
Rev. Log - Std. Plan Designs (PDF)
Geotechnical Design Parameters (PDF)
July 2022
Rev. Log - Geotech Design Parameters (PDF)
Sound Walls (PDF)
December 2020
Rev. Log - Sound Walls (PDF)
Standard Plan Overhead and Changeable Message Signs (PDF)
December 2020
Rev. Log - OH Signs (PDF)
Design Acceleration Response Spectrum (PDF)
January 2021
Rev. Log - Design ARS (PDF)
Liquefaction Evaluation (PDF)
January 2020
Rev. Log -Liquefaction (PDF)
Fault Rupture (PDF) January 2017 Rev. Log -Fault Rupture (PDF)

Lateral Spreading (PDF)

Lateral Spreading Example (PDF)

January 2020
Rev. Log -Lateral Spreading (PDF)

Site-Specific Dynamic Ground Response Analysis (PDF)

March 2022
Rev. Log - Site-Specific DGRA (PDF)
Earth Retaining Systems

Conventional Retaining Walls (PDF)

January 2021

Rev. Log - Conventional Walls (PDF)

Mechanically Stabilized Embankments (Caltrans Pre-Designed) (PDF)

January 2021

Rev. Log - MSE Pre-Designed (PDF)

Mechanically Stabilized Embankments (Non-Standard Design) (PDF)

January 2021

Rev. Log - MSE Non-Standard (PDF)

Soil Nail Walls (PDF)

November 2021

Rev. Log - Soil Nail Walls (PDF)
Non-Gravity Cantilever Retaining Walls (PDF)
January 2021
Rev. Log - Non-Gravity Walls (PDF)

Ground Anchor Earth Retaining Systems(PDF)

January 2021

Rev. Log - Ground Anchor Walls (PDF)

Seismic Design of Retaining Walls (PDF)

January 2021

Rev. Log - Seismic Design Walls (PDF)
Structure Foundations
Shallow Foundations for Bridges (PDF)
February 2021
Rev. Log - Shallow Foundations (PDF)

Driven Pile Foundations - December 2021 (PDF)

December 2021
Rev. Log - Driven Piles (PDF)

Cast-In-Drilled-Hole (CIDH) Pile Foundations - December 2021 (PDF)

December 2021

Rev. Log - CIDH Piles (PDF)
Downdrag (PDF)
January 2020
Rev. Log - Downdrag (PDF)
Micropiles (PDF) February 2021 Rev. Log - Micropiles (PDF)
Vertical Ground Anchors (PDF)
January 2020  Rev. Log - Vertical Ground Anchors (PDF)
Embankments (PDF) December 2014 Rev. Log - Embankments (PDF)
Landslides (PDF)
January 2020
Rev. Log - Landslides (PDF)
Soil Cut Slopes (PDF)
January 2020 Rev. Log - Soil Cut Slopes (PDF)
Rock Cut Slopes (PDF)
March 2021 Rev. Log - Rock Cut Slopes (PDF)
Rockfall (PDF)
December 2020
Rev. Log - Rockfall (PDF)
Ground Modification (PDF) March 2021
Rev. Log - Ground Modification (PDF)
Grouting (PDF)
March 2022
 Rev. Log - Grouting (PDF)
Geosynthetics (PDF) May 2013 Rev. Log - Geosynthetics (PDF)
Trenchless Construction (PDF)
January 2022
Rev. Log - Trenchless Construction (PDF)
Stormwater and Wastewater Best Management Practices (PDF)
April 2022
Rev. Log - Stormwater and Wastewater (PDF)
Technical Administration  
Alternative Contracts and Consultant Oversight (PDF) April 2022
Rev. Log - Alternative Contracts (PDF)
Cost Estimating (PDF)
May 2022
Rev. Log - Cost Estimating (PDF)
Emergency Response (PDF)
January 2020
Rev. Log - Emergency Response (PDF)