Bridge Construction Records and Procedures Manual Volume 1

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Table of Contents for Volume 1

Section No. Issue Date Title
A-1.00 forthcoming Introduction
Section No. Issue Date Title
B-1.00 5/30/2018 S.C. Administrative Processes - S.C. Employees
 B-1.01 12/5/2017 S.C. Employee Expectations
 B-1.02   S.C. Employee Ethics
Collective Bargaining
 B-1.04   Payroll Periods
 B-1.05   Cost Coding Information
 B-1.06 12/5/2017 Family Medical Leave Act
 B-1.07 12/5/2017 Fair Labor Standards Act
 B-1.08   Timesheets
 B-1.09   Overtime
 B-1.10 5/30/2018 Mandated Training
 B-1.11   Excessive Leave Balance Reduction Plan
 B-1.12   Individual Development Plan
 B-1.13   S.C. Employee Accident and Injury Reporting
 B-1.14   Vehicle Accident Reporting
Complaints, Summons, Subpoenas, and Potential Damage Claims
 B-1.16   S.C. Assistance Structure Representative Competencies
 B-1.17   S.C. Structure Representative Competencies
 B-1.18   S.C. Bridge Construction Engineer Competencies
 B-1.19   S.C. Area Construction Manager Competencies
 B-1.20   S.C. Headquarters Employee Competencies
Section No. Issue Date Title 
B-2.00 5/30/2018 S.C. Administrative Processes - S.C. Operations
 B-2.01 5/30/2018 S.C. Contract Administration Policy
 B-2.02 6/30/2018 S.C. Technical Team Operation
  B-2.02-Att. 01 9/8/2017  S.C. Technical Team Member Selection
  B-2.02-Att. 02 6/30/2018  S.C. Technical Team Charter
  B-2.02-Att. 03 6/30/2018
 S.C. Technical Team Work Plan and Resource Budget
  B-2.02-Att. 04 6/30/2018
 Developing and Updating Process Development Diagrams (P.D.D.)
  B-2.02-Att. 05 6/30/2018
 Developing and Updating S.C. Technical Manuals
  B-2.02-Att. 06  6/30/2018
 Review of Standards, Policies, and Guidance
  B-2.02-Att. 07  6/30/2018
 Collecting, Producing, Updating, and Disseminating Filed Engineering Aids and Training Materials
  B-2.02-Att. 08  6/30/2018
 Essential Equipment Lists
  B-2.02-Att. 09  6/30/2018
 Develop Subject Matter Research Proposals
  B-2.02-Att. 10  6/30/2018
 Respond to Request for Assistance from S.C. Staff, D.E.S. Functional Units and Other Stakeholders
  B-2.02-Att. 11  6/30/2018
 Maintain External Contracts, Research Industry Trends, Arrange Industry Group Liaison Meetings, and Promote Innovative Solutions to Continually Improve S.C. Processes
  B-2.02-Att. 12  6/30/2018
 S.C. Technical Team Meeting Agenda/Meeting Minutes
  B-2.02-Att. 13  9/8/2017
 S.C. Technical Team Quarterly Report
 B-2.03   Communications between S.C. Employees and S.C. Headquarters
 B-2.04   Suggestions for Improvement
Section No. Issue Date Title
B-3.00 4/22/2019 S.C. Administrative Processes - S.C. Equipment
 B-3.01   Office Space, Expendable Supplies, and Associated Services
 B-3.02   Asset Management
 B-3.03  4/22/2019 State Vehicles
 B-3.03-Att. 01  4/22/2019 Official Use of State Vehicles-Public Perception
 B-3.04   Use of Computer Software and Applications
 B-3.05   Blank
 B-3.06   Computer Hardware Upgrades
 B-3.07   Unauthorized Modifications to S.C. Computers
 B-3.08   S.C. Computer Repairs
Section No. Issue Date Title
B-4.00 8/22/2018 S.C. Administrative Processes - S.C. Employee Expense Reimbursement
 B-4.01   Travel Expense Claims
 B-4.02  8/28/2018 Long Term Assignment and Long Term Assignment Differential
 B-4.03   Commercial Vehicle Rentals
 B-4.04 12/5/2017 Use of Private Vehicles on State Business
Section No. Issue Date Title
S.C. Project - Direct Processes
Section No.  Issue Date Title
C-2.00 5/30/2018 S.C. Project - Direct Processes - Project Safety
 C-2.01 5/30/2018 Developing the Project Code of Safe Practices (C.O.S.P.)
 C-2.02   Tailgate Safety Meetings
 C-2.03 5/30/2018 Annual Construction Safety Refresher Training
 C-2.04   Fall Protection
 C-2.05   Confined Space
 C-2.06   Respirators
 C-2.07   Lead Compliance Plan
 C-2.08 5/30/2018 Animal Habitat
  C-2.08 Att. 01 5/30/2018  Animal Habitat
 C-2.09   Investigating and Reporting Incidents in Construction Zones
 C-2.10 8/30/2019 Peer Defusing and Grief Counseling
Section No. Issue Date Title
C-3.00 12/05/2017 S.C. Project - Direct Processes - Pre-Construction Processes
 C-3.01 12/5/2017 S.C. Personnel Assignment
 C-3.02   Structure Resident Engineer (R.E.) Pending File
C-3.03   Blank
C.3.04   Division of Project Work
Section No. Issue Date Title
C-4.00 4/22/2019 S.C. Project - Direct Processes - Construction Processes
C-4.01   S.C. Project Status Initial/Final
C-4.02   Certification of Materials Testers
C-4.03   Required Documents to be Submitted During Construction
C-4.04   Daily and Weekly Reports
C-4.05   Correspondence with the Contractor
C-4.06   Construction Photos and Videos
C-4.07   Instructions for Projects in the Automated Progress Pay System (P.I.S.A.)
 C-4.08   Filing Contract Quantity Documents-Category 48
Change Orders
C-4.10  12/5/2017 Obtaining Electronic Contract Plan Files
C-4.11   Safety Document Retention
C-4.12   Shop Drawing Review of Temporary Structures
C-4.13   Pile Records
C-4.14 12/5/2017 Notice of Change of Structure Clearance or Permit Rating
C-4.15 4/12/2019 Bridge Deck Contours and Geometrics
C-4.16   Notification of Structure Completion
Section No. Issue Date Title
C-5.00 4/22/2019 S.C. Project - Direct Processes - Post-Construction Processes
 C-5.01   Permanent Reference Elevations
 C-5.02   Disposition of Project Records
 C-5.03   Certification of Materials
C-5.04 4/22/2019 Project Completion Records - As-Built Plans
 C-5.04-Att.01 4/22/2019  Completion of As-Built Plans
C-5.05   Project Completion Records - Shop Drawings
C-5.06   Project Completion Records - Report of Completion
C-5.07   Project Completion Records - Progress Schedule
C-5.08   Project Completion Records - Joint Movement Calculations
C-5.09   Unrecoverable Project Completion Records
C-5.10   Project Closeout and Lessons Learned
Section No. Issue Date Title
D-2.00 12/5/2017 S.C. Bridge Construction Engineers - Supervisory Processes
 D-2.01   Establishing Headquarters for S.C. Employees
 D-2.02   S.C. Employee Hiring Best Practices
 D-2.03   S.C. Employee Development
 D-2.04   S.C. Employee Rotation Plan
 D-2.05   S.C. Individual Development Plan
 D-2.06   Project Record Review
 D-2.07  12/5/2017 Field Review of Temporary Structures
Section No. Issue Date Title
1-0.0 5/17/2016 Introduction
 1.1.0 5/17/2016  Introduction to the Bridge Construction Records and Procedures Manual
 1.20 5/17/2016  Structure Construction Headquarters Services
Section No. Issue Date Title
2-0.0 1/31/2020 Miscellaneous Information and Instructions
 2-1.0 5/1/1995 Relationship Between Structure Construction and Districts
 2-1.1 9/7/2004 Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (S.W.P.P.P.) and Water Pollution Control Program (W.P.C.P.) Administration
 2-2.0 5/1/1995 Pre.Job Discussion with Design, Architecture and Geology
 2-3.0 5/1/1995 Pre-Job Discussion Between District and Structure Personnel
 2-4.0   Replaced by B.C.M. C-4.15
 2-5.0   Replaced by B.C.M. C-3.01
 2-6.0 10/9/2007 Communications Between Structure Field Personnel and Structure Headquarters
 2.7.0 5/1/1995 Correspondence with the Contractor
 2-8.0 5/17/2016 Improvement Suggestions from Construction Personnel
 2-9.0 12/5/2017 Footing and Seal Course Revisions
 2-10.0   Replaced by B.C.M. 5-1.36
 2-11.0   Replaced by B.C.M. 12-4
 2-12.0 5/1/1995 Acceptance of Structure Work
 2-12.1 4/11/2003 Job Completion Records
 2-13.0 5/1/1995 Labor Compliance
 2-14.0 7/1/1995 Disasters Affecting Bridge Work
 2-15.0 5/1/1995 Permanent Reference Elevations
 2-16.0 5/1/1995 Encroachment Permits
 2-17.0   Blank
 2-18.0  6/30/2008 Constructability Review
 2-19.0 10/15/2001 Administration of Special Funded Projects
 2-20.0   Replaced by B.C.M. C-4.14
 2-21.0   Replaced by B.C.M. C-4.10
 2.22.0   Blank
 2-23.0 8/4/2015 Structures Resident Engineer (R.E.) Pending File Procedure
Section No. Issue Date Title
3-0.0 5/17/2016 Miscellaneous Records and Reports
 3-1.0   Removed
 3-1.1   Removed
 3-2.0 5/17/2016 Daily Reports and Weekly Newsletters
 3-3.0 7/16/2009 Project Records Review
 3-4.0 10/28/2005 Construction Photographs
 3-5.0 12/1/1995 Notification of Retrofit Completion
 3-6.0 8/30/2013 Shop Drawing Review of Temporary Structures
 3-7.0 12/1/1995 Pile Records
 3-8.0   Replaced by B.C.M. 5-1.36
 3-9.0 12/1/1995 Chronological Record of Falsework or Shoring Drawing Review
Section No. Issue Date Title
4-0.0 6/29/2007 Control of Materials
 4-1.0 12/28/1984 General Information
 4-2.0 8/20/1987 Inspection and Release of Materials
 4-3.0 12/28/1984 Sampling Materials
 4-3.1 10/15/2002 Shipping Samples to the Materials Engineering and Testing Services (M.E.T.S.)
 4-4.0 12/29/1984 Testing Materials
 4-5.0 12/28/1984 Record Keeping for Contractor Furnished Materials
 4-5.1 12/28/1984 Category 31 Notice of Materials to be Used
 4-5.2 12/28/1984 Category 32 Notice of Materials to be Inspected
 4-5.3 12/28/1984 Category 33 Notice of Materials to be Furnished
 4-5.4 12/28/1984 Category 37 Initial Tests and Acceptance Tests
 4-5.5 12/28/1984 Category 39 Independent Assurance (Progress) and Final Tests
 4-5.6 4/28/1986 Category 41 Reports of Inspection and Material
 4-5.7 11/10/1988 Category 43 Concrete Records
 4-5.8 12.28/1984 Concrete Pour Records
 4-5.9 12/28/1984 Bar Reinforcing Steel Placing Record
 4-6.0 8/20/1987 Certificate of Compliance
 4-7.0 12/28/1984 Statistical Testing
 4-8.0 1/20/1997 Certification of Material Testers
 4-9.0 6/29/2007 Prequalification of Specified Strength Concrete
 4-10.0 12/28/1984 Miscellaneous Materials
 4-11.0 3/23/1987 Buy America Requirements
 4-12.0 6/28/2006 Making Concrete Test Samples
Section No. Date Title
5-0.0 3/10/1987 Quantities
6-0.0 5/17/2016 Estimates
7-0.0 4/20/1989 Contract Change Orders
8-0.0 9/30/2014 Railroad and Related Utilities
9-0.0 5/17/2016 Final Records and Reports
10-0.0 5/17/2016 Personnel
11-0.0 10/15/2001 Accounting Procedures
12-0.0 9/01/1998 Engineering Costs
13-0.0 4/22/2019 Equipment, Services and Supplies
14-0.0 4/22/2019 Accidents and Safety
15-0.0 10/17/1989 Claims and Safety
16-0.0 5/30/2018 Bridge Construction Forms
17-0.0 10/15/2001 Management Reports