Main Street California

Main Street, California



Main Street, California: A Guide for Fostering People-Centered State Highway Main Streets (“Main Street”) highlights the special importance of State Highways that are functioning as community main streets. “People-centered” main streets are those that are sustained in ways that elevate the needs of people who use main street. They are fostered with an understanding that supporting travel of all modes is essential, and that main streets are also community places that people value. People-centered main streets improve multimodal access, equity, economic prosperity, and environmental quality through partnerships and engagement.

This  fourth edition of “Main Street” makes the topics of complete streets, livability, equity and sustainability accessible to a layperson, while providing the links and resources for a technical audience. The document highlights strategies and solutions for State Highways that are functioning as community main streets through photo examples and resources that can support collaboration, creative problem-solving, and a shared vision among internal staff, partners, and community members. Main Street is particularly useful for public and partner engagement efforts and it is an allied effort to the upcoming Design Information Bulletin (DIB) 94 and the newly released Caltrans Traffic Calming Guide.