Erosion Control Toolbox: Preserve Existing Vegetation


Preserve existing vegetation

Photo Showing the Preserving of Existing Vegetation: Preserving existing vegetation involves minimizing disturbance to existing site vegetation while constructing a transportation project. Vegetation is typically preserved by including a specification that directs the Contractor to avoid disturbance of specific areas, and/or to install temporary fencing to protect the vegetation. Preserving healthy existing site vegetation is more effective at maintaining stormwater quality than removing and planting new vegetation.

When to Use This Treatment

  • Use on all projects that include existing native or non-native vegetation


  • Most effective method to maintain water quality, and minimize runoff volume and velocity


  • Preservation of existing vegetation may not be possible due to the earthwork required to construct the project

Standard Specifications

  • Refer to Standard Specifications, Section 14, Environmental Stewardship
  • Refer to Standard Specifications, Section 16, Temporary Facilities


  • See Caltrans Standard Plan for Temporary Water Pollution Control Details (Temporary High-Visibility Fence)

Estimate Information

  • Use BEES Code 160110 Temporary High-Visibility Fence to specify fencing to protect existing site vegetation



Updated: November 27, 2018