Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) Program

The Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) Program is an innovative delivery method that allows Caltrans to engage a construction manager to provide input during the design process. Caltrans and the construction manager agree on a price for construction of the project, and the construction manager becomes the general contractor.

You will find various documents developed by Caltrans to implement CMGC on this webpage. These documents are subject to modification.

Caltrans CMGC Procedures (PDF) 

Selected Projects

Project Description Cost (Millions) RFQ Target Date

11-San Diego-SR 78

SR 78 SHOPP Asset Management
District 11 SR 78 SHOPP Asset Management  $135

August 18, 2023

 04-1Q820CM  SF 101 Hospital Curve  $69

November 20, 2023


 08-0R380CM  Colorado River Bridge Replacement  $122 January 2024

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Advertised Projects

Notice of Final Rankings - 2023 

114316CM SR 78 SHOPP Asset Management

073902CM Vincent Thomas Bridge Deck Replacement

04-SF 101 & SF 80 (040Q02CM) Central and Bayshore Viaducts Project

04-SM-82 – PM 12.3-15.0 (040K81CM) Pavement Rehabilitation and ADA Upgrades

04,09,10-CC, Nap, Scl, Iny, Ker, Mno, Alp, Mpa, Tuo-Var-Var (041Y55CM) Region 2 Middle-Mile Broadband Network

  • Cancelled

04-CC,Sol,Ala-Var-Var (04ORTGCM) Open Road Toll Gantries and Toll Plaza Reconfiguration Project

01-DN,Hum,Lak,Men-Var-Var (01MMBN1CM)  Middle Mile Broadband Network

02-Las,Plu,Sha,Sis,The-Var-Var (02MMBN1CM)  Middle Mile Broadband Network

11-SD-5,8,15,52,67,75,79,94,125-Var (114B02CM) Middle Mile Broadband Network

11-IMP-8,78,86,111-Var (114B01CM) Middle Mile Broadband Network

05-Mon,SBt,SCr-Var-Var (05CMGC2CM) Middle Mile Broadband Network

06-MAD,MPA,FRE,KER,TUL-Var-Var (061F28CM) Middle Mile Broadband Network

05-SLO,SB-Var-Var (05CMGC1CM) Middle Mile Broadband Network

Notice of Final Rankings - 2022 

Notice of Final Rankings - 2021

Awarded Projects - 2020 and Prior

Authorizing Legislation

Contractor's Corner

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