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DRA Information and Candidate List Page

Name Brief Summary of Experience Job Locations willing to Travel to: Telephone No. E-mail Resume
Abidi, Ramin  Over 35 years of varied experience including: public works executive and construction management; Caltrans Construction Manager, Construction Engineer, Resident Engineer and Structure Representative; State highway, bridge and heavy marine construction projects; construction claims and disputes; Caltrans Claims Review Boards; contract change orders; CPM schedule review and analysis; construction cost estimation; and water pollution control.   All of California (858) - 945-8107  raminabidi@gmail.com  Abidi, Ramin (PDF) 
Adams, Cliff  38 years with Caltrans. 33 in Construction. RE, Construction Senior, Coordinator, Construction Office Chief. All of California (209) 200-9737 georgiaadams@comcast.net  Adams, Cliff (PDF)
Anderson, Norman DRB member or project neutral on over 80 projects in the western USA. Also, served as either the Contractor's or Agency's representative in dispute resolution. All of California (360) 754-3819 normananderson@msn.com Anderson, Norman (PDF)
Asgari, Saeid A. 30 years of Resident, Sr. Resident Engineer, Construction Engineer and Construction Chief experience in D-11 and D-12. Over 250 projects totaling over $5 Billion. Has dealt with many types of disputes including differing site conditions, potential claims and claims. Orange, San Luis Obispo, San Bernadino, Ventura, San Diego, Riverside and Los Angeles counties (949) 379-4481 sasgari@cemscorp.com Asgari, Saeid A. (PDF)
Bauer, Carl F. 60 years in the construction industry, from a construction laborer to the Executive Vice President of a major highway and bridge contractor working throughout California and the Western U.S.  Retired from C. C. Myers, Inc. in 2002, having been responsible for the management of all company activities of this $100 million dollar per year company. Has served on 149 DRBs and DRAs since retirement. Has also provided consulting services and advice to construction contractors and law firms. All of California (916) 765-9134 c.bauer@sbcglobal.net Bauer, Carl F. (PDF)
Bocchicchio, Ken Thirty-Four years of construction experience partnering with the Contractor and Local Agencies to build Great transportation projects for the people of California.  Southern California  (949) 431-4266  bocchicchiodrb@cox.net  Bocchicchio, Ken (PDF)
Britt, Wm. Butch Civil Engineer, licensed in CA, with over 40 years of worldwide construction administration and management experience. 17+ years as Director, Transportation Dept for Co. of Ventura - over $90 million of construction contracts completed with zero contract claims proceeding to litigation. Experience reviewing and resolving claims and change orders in accordance with Public Contract Code, FHWA/Caltrans Local Program Policies and Procedures, and Federal Acquisition Regulations.  All of California  (805) 312-4895   wbbritt@gmail.com Britt, Wm. Butch (PDF) 
Carlson, William J. 40+ years heavy/highway experience. DRBF Presidents list. 25+ DRBs both owner & contractor appointee, 13 as chair. Member of the DRBF. Participated in dozens of dispute hearings. All of California (760) 742-3702 wjccal@aol.com Carlson, William J. (PDF)
Clough, Russell G. Construction Engineer specializing in dispute resolution and providing workshops to better work with difficult people, understand risk and uncertainty, etc. Selected Member of National Academy of Construction. Served on about 80 boards and mediations, teach students and industry professionals to avoid and deal with conflict. Licensed Civil, Geotechnical, Safety Engineer, and Contractor in Calif.; Certified Blaster, Tunnel Safety Rep, MSHA Rescue Team Leader, AGC Negotiating Committee.

Northern California

(650) 814-0266 russellgclough@gmail.com Clough, Russell G. (PDF)
Connally, Patrick  36+ years with Caltrans. 21+ years in construction management. Managed up to $500 Million in on-going contracts (District 5). 15 years in Hwy. design (Office Chief). Participant in numerous Boards of Review (BORs), most as Chairman. Settled many high-profile claims through mediation, partnering, or legal negotiations during my career.  All of California  (805) 257-7596  pconnally805@charter.net  Connally, Patrick (PDF) 
Corn, William A.  BS in Civil Engineering and a JD in law that have been utilized in estimating, scheduling, and managing Heavy Civil project including dispute resolution for 32 years.  All of California  (808) 216-0410  Wcorn@TeamGMG.com Corn, William A (PDF) 
Coupe, Robert W.
Over 40 years experience as a general contractor building Caltrans highway and bridge projects. Broad experience with contracts, specifications, technical construction challenges and project scheduling.  All of California  (916) 919-2428  rwcoupe@rwc214.onmicrosoft.com  Coupe, Robert W. (PDF)
Davila, Hector A licensed Civil Engineer with over 20 years of Caltrans Construction experience. I was the District 8 Construction Deputy providing direction on all aspects of Highway/Transportation and structure projects. As a member of the statewide construction management board I provided construction expertise, dispute prevention and claim resolution on a multitude of projects ranging from $50,000 to $400 million. All of California (909) 677-8888 davila_clan@verizon.net Davila, Hector (PDF)
Davis, Terry A. Licensed CA Civil Engineer with broad construction experience with Caltrans and other public agencies. As Caltrans Construction Manager, involved with many DRBs/DRAs, negotiated claims settlements, held claims hearings, involved in many Partnering contracts, used CPM schedules on many projects. All of California (707) 601-6113 terry@tjdavis.us Davis, Terry A. (PDF)
Eshghipour, Nader  36 years of technical and management expertise including a unique combination of heavy highway/bridge construction and infrastructure maintenance.  30 years with Caltrans from the entry level engineer to the executive deputy district director.  21 years in the Division of Construction.  Successful construction delivery of over $500 Million of major transportation infrastructure projects throughout the Nine Bay Area Counties.  9 years as the Deputy District Director in the Division of Maintenance in District 4.  This included overall maintenance of toll bridges, roadways, tunnels, building facilities, engineering aspects including civil, mechanical, and electrical systems, along with the implementation of asset management in support of all facets of the transportation infrastructure system.  Retired from Caltrans in 2016.  From 2017 to 2021 worked with AECOM as a Consultant Construction Manager for the statewide Caltrans Construction Projects for highways and bridges in Districts 3, 4, 6 and 10, and managing consultant construction contracts for MTC/BATA and other Local City and County Agencies in the Nine Bay Area Counties.  All of California  (925) 768-9237  neshghipour@gmail.com  Eshghipour, Nader (PDF) 
Fichtelman, R. Troy 27 yrs experience in Public Works contracting. This experience includes contract administration and management, financial management, Arbitrator, Mediator, DRB Member or Chair for Government agencies and private firms. Kern, Orange, Kings, San Bernardino, San Diego, Imperial, Riverside, Inyo, Los Angeles (760) 212-8487 RTFichtelman@outlook.com              Fichtelman, R. Troy (PDF)
Flaherty, Keith Senior Resident Engineer for Caltrans and Local Agencies on large scale highway and bridge projects. Claims and scheduling consultant for major projects in Caltrans - District 10.  All of California (916) 826-3943  keith.flaherty@gmail.com  Flaherty, Keith (PDF) 
Foley, James W. 50+ years engineering & construction: bridges, highways, streets, rail, signals, streetlights, sewers, drains, pipelines, tunnels, excavations, foundations, buildings. 30+ years DRB/DRAs, arbitrations, mediations, project neutral. Licensed CE/SE/GE. Licensed Contractor A&B. All of California (408) 777-9917 jim@jimfoley.com Foley, James W. (PDF)
Freeman, Daniel (Dan)
I have 28 years of experience with Caltrans working directly with dispute resolution in a variety of roles. At Caltrans I have served as a Structure Representative, Resident Engineer, Construction Office Chief, and Deputy District Director of the Construction Division in District 7 as well as Deputy District Director of the Maintenance Division in District 7. Throughout all of my experience I have been involved in dispute resolution in one way or another Served as Boad of Review member for Caltrans projects in District 7, 8,11,and 12 As Deputy District Director worked closely with Headquarters Construction and the Legal Division to resolve construction project claims. All of California (562) 925-2928 djfreem@yahoo.com
Freeman, Daniel (Dan) (PDF) 
George, Philip Multiple DRB's & DRA's (all decisions accepted); Partnering Facilitator (>200 sessions on > 60 projects), Contractor/Engineer since '76 on private, Local, CA, NV & Federal (FHWA, BuRec, BIA, USFS, NRCS, COE) General & Heavy Engineering Projects (dams, bridges, fwys, airports & matl's prod'n) in 10 Western States. Focus on claims avoidance & early resolution via DRB and Partnering to enable good working relations between the parties. Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 10 (530) 949-8768 phil.grg@gmail.com George, Philip (PDF)
Goode, John W. 40+ years experience in heavy, highway and marine construction. All of California (858) 699-5355 (cell) jonybgd1@gmail.com Goode, John W. (PDF)
Haag, Alan 33 years in California highway construction and associated fields with Caltrans. My practical experience has reinforced the importance of resolving contract issues at the lowest level in order to minimize costs & delays. For 23 years, I was the Senior Construction Engineer in Santa Barbara County for Caltrans Central Region, District 5, recently retiring in Dec. 2015. All of California (805) 534-3895 arhaag2@gmail.com Haag, Alan (PDF) 
Harris, Guy G. Professional Civil Engineer, Expert Witness, CPM Scheduler, Construction Claims Resolver, Contract Administrator, Specifications Writer, Farmer, Mechanic, Fabricator. All of California (530) 701-2360 guygharris@yahoo.com Harris, Guy G. (PDF)  
Hegab, Mohamed 10 years, General Engineering Contractor; 20 years in claims management, CPM scheduling analysis, and forensic cost analysis.  Ph.D., PE, PMP, CCM, Special experience and knowledge of Design-Build and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) (P3) delivery methods. Served as DRB member and chairs for multiple large projects and DRA as well. Projects included tunneling, bridges, overlay, electrical, widening, etc. All of California (818) 441-1055 mhegab@capmc.net Hegab, Mohamed (PDF)
Hughes, Ed 40 years of construction experience, Dillingham, Kasler, Washington Construction and Morrison Knudsen. Construction Consultant 1998-2007. Participant in 15 DRB's, 2 as chairman BSCE Southern California, San Francisco, and Sacramento (602) 300-3364 EDHUGHES4@msn.com Hughes, Ed (PDF)
Jardin, Manuel

50 years’ experience in the construction industry, including 42 years as a General Engineering Contractor. Have participated in 23 DRBs, 2 DRAs, including 4 as Chairperson. These DRBs/DRAs have involved Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build and Construction Manager-General Contractor project delivery methods. Member of and Trainer for Cal Trans and the DRBF workshops.

All of California (916) 927-2923 mcjardin@msn.com Jardin, Manuel (PDF)
Jones, Jeff 35 years of experience in the construction industry, 29 years as the owner of a General Engineering Construction Company. Specializing in structural concrete and infrastructure construction.Have served onor am currently serving on 12 DRB's, with 2 of those being as Chairman. All of California (408) 858-7714 jeffjonesbros@aol.com Jones, Jeff (PDF)
Kayser, Ken 36 yrs experience in the construction of roads, interchanges, and bridges. Have held a wide variety of management positions from Project Manager to Company President. Focus on early claims resolution and avoidance. All of California (916) 296-6554 kenakayser@gmail.com Kayser, Ken (PDF)
Koffman, Henry M.  I am a Professional Engineer (PE) for the last 48 years. I am an arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association (AAA) for 20 years. I have served on Caltrans Dispute Resolution Boards. I have 30 years industry experience and 22 years as a Professor and Director at the University of Southern California. All of California (213) 740-0556 koffman@usc.edu Koffman, Henry M. (PDF)
Larrabee, Merle
41+ total years with Caltrans. 28+ in Hwy. Construction (Surveys to Div. Chief). Participant in numerous DRBF Workshops. Served or serving on 45 DRB’s - Chairman of 15.
Districts 1 through 6, 9 and 10
(916) 207-1698
Larrabee, Merle (PDF)
Leja, Mark

39 years of Civil Engineering experience. 31 years with Caltrans in various engineering, management, and leadership positions.  Former Chief of Construction, Chief of Design, and District 10 Director.  Served on ADR boards for more than 55 projects.

All of California
(530) 329-4668
Leja, Mark (PDF)
Martin, Jerry
Forty-two years with Caltrans. Registered Civil Engineer. Construction Division Chief Headquarters’ Construction Coordinator. Construction Engineer. Chaired many Caltrans’ Boards of Resolution. Member several DRBs.
Anywhere in California, except remote areas of Districts 8 and 11
(916) 988-9243
Martin, Jerry (PDF)
Nelson, John
40 years experience in heavy civil engineering projects including earthwork, underground, CIP and cable suspension bridges, and light rail. I have served as a superintendent, project manager, operations manager, vice president and president.
Districts 7, 8, 11, 12 and San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Kern Counties
(619) 520-9344
Nelson, John (PDF)
Nugteren, Bill
Fields of expertise are Tunnels, Bridges, Roads, Earthworks, Utility work and Mechanical. Well acquainted with contracts, contractual obligations, changed conditions, entitlement, time matters and cost.
Within 150 miles from Palo Alto, CA unless special arrangements are made
(650) 493-8177
Nugteren, Bill (PDF)
Pastorius, Bruce
Retired in 2015 with over 20 years as a Senior Construction Engineer and ten years as a Resident Engineer. Worked as Senior Resident Engineer and supervisor responsible for coordinating dispute resolution/partnering as well as the resolution of claims. Partnering Coordinator and trainer in Central Region.
All of California
(805) 536-9428
Pastorius, Bruce (PDF)
Peterson, Dan
10 years, State of California, Division of Highways; 18 years, General Engineering Contractor, highway projects; and 22 years, Construction Consultant - highway projects and Dispute Resolution Boards.
All of central and southern California from San Luis Obispo to Mono County - south to San Diego County
(626) 446-3117
Peterson, Dan (PDF)
Pieplow, Bob
Licensed Professional Engineer with 33 years of experience with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). Experience includes leading large multidisciplinary engineering organizations and the delivery of a wide variety of transportation infrastructure projects. Successful in leadership roles including North Region Construction Division Chief, Construction Division Chief, Engineering Services Division Chief and Interim Chief Engineer.
All of California
(916) 872-7535
Pieplow, Bob (PDF) 
Puchi, Edmundo (Ed) Puchi  Executive level construction management and contract administration. Executive Project Manager and Chief of Contracts Administration for major highway bridge contractor for 23 years. Six (6) years with Caltrans in the design and construction of bridges. Participated in numerous projects involving the DRB process and represented the contractor in arbitration of construction contract disputes.  All of California  (916) 715-8931  tataesq@gmail.com  Puchi, Edmundo (Ed) Puchi (PDF) 
Reading, Ron
40 years of progressive experience in heavy civil engineering construction with an extensive background in project management.
All of California
(925) 464-7611
Reading, Ron (PDF)
Schneider, Bob With a law degree, extensive DRB experience, and over 30 years working in heavy civil construction, my expertise is centered on freeway infrastructure development. My extensive background encompasses Caltrans projects, including those executed through the design-build approach. I possess an in-depth familiarity with Caltrans specifications and am well-versed in the prevailing industry practices within California.  All of California  (714) 412-3882  BSinHB@aol.com Schneider, Bob (PDF) 
Shepard, Richard
Over 38 years as Caltrans RE/SR, DOT Director El Dorado County, PW Director City of Elk Grove. I have resolved numerous construction disputes and have gained a reputation from Agency Staff and Contractors as being fair and reasonable.
All of California
(916) 802-3333
Shepard, Richard (PDF)
Slattery, R.P. (Dick)
50 Years diversified experience in Heavy Construction, 14 years in executive positions, including Corporate Officer. Former member DRBF & SCCA Board of Directors. Participated in 19 DRBs, 2 as Chairman and 1 DRA. Attended Caltrans sponsored DRB member seminars and DRBF Chairman's seminar.
All of California
(562) 822-5715
Slattery, R.P. (Dick) (PDF)
St.Martin, Jim
Over 40 years experience in Heavy Highway Construction with Bridge Department, Heavy Highway Contractor and Industry Trade Association. Registered Civil Engineer and Licensed California Contractor.
All of California
(949) 933-3905
St.Martin, Jim (PDF)
Tappan, Susan
25 years with Caltrans; 2011-2015 serving as North Region Construction Manager, responsible for administration of construction contracts in Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, and Lake Counties.
All of California (707) 599-1340  stappan53@gmail.com 
Tappan, Susan (PDF)
Tapping, Jonathan  Over 30 years of practical experience managing (in many roles/capacities) the resolution of complex construction contract change orders, disputes, and claims on heavy highway, bridge, building, tunneling, and rail projects -- including mega projects such as Caltrans Toll Bridge Seismic Retrofit/Replacement Program and the California High-Speed Rail Program.   All of California (916) 873-9219 jontapping@gmail.com Tapping, Jonathan (PDF) 
Thomas, Dan  32 yr bridge construction; in all my assignments, my goal has been to deliver a quality product. I've always tried to put the project first.  All of California  (808) 321-9643  danthomas@hntb.com  Thomas, Dan (PDF) 
Tippin, Elizabeth A. Over 30 years of experience in construction dispute resolution, including over 1500 hearings as an administrative law judge, dispute board chair/member, arbitrator, and mediator. Past President of the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation. Extensive experience in negotiating design/construction contracts and risk management.  All of California  (415) 835-1332  etippinlaw@gmail.com  Tippin, Elizabeth A. (PDF) 
Valencia, Fred Licensed California Civil Engineer. 31 years of Caltrans Experience. 20 years in Construction where I served as Construction Engineer and Construction manager, Specialized in contract administration and claim resolution, served on several Boards of Review. All of California (909) 915-4825 1fred.valencia@gmail.com Valencia, Fred (PDF)
Walker, Wayne  Recently retired in 2020 with 35 years of experience with Caltrans highway construction. Worked 5 years as a Senior Construction Engineer and worked 25 years as a Structure Representative. Experienced in all types of construction claims evaluation and dispute resolution. All of California  (805) 459-4617   wjwalker266@gmail.com    Walker, Wayne (PDF) 
Over 23 years of highway construction experience with Caltrans; served as Resident Engineer, Construction Engineer, and Construction Manager; Specialized in contract administration and claim resolution. Districts 7, 8, 11, and 12 (951) 892-1420 ccwangdrb@gmail.com Wang, Chia-Chi (PDF)
Warrener, Douglas

Professional Civil Engineer with 46 years of “boots on the ground” experience in most phases of the construction of freeways, interchanges, AC & PCCP paving, airports, dams and consulting on the above.  DRB and DRA experience since 2011 with service on over 35 projects (many as chairman).

All of California

(916) 205-1081
Warrener, Douglas (PDF)
Wilde, Monty
Licensed contractor with 30 years of experience in general engineering estimating, project management, and as VP/General Manager doing road construction, HMA,(asphalt paving), subgrade compaction, aggregate base, asphalt emulsion seals, chip seals, slurry seals.
All of California
(619) 994-6558
Wilde, Monty (PDF)