Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones)

The Division of Aeronautics is the lead division for the deployment of UAS for Caltrans business.

UAS Deployment by Caltrans Contractors and Consultants

Unmanned Aircraft Systems use on current Caltrans projects may be allowed and shall be coordinated with the Division of Aeronautics and through the Caltrans contract or project coordinator.

UAS Encroachment on the State Highway System

Encroachment is not permitted except for the purpose of filming through the California Film Commission application process.

State Film Permits

UAS - Filming with Drones

All Encroachment inquiries can be directed to:

Dwarakeswar Penubolu
California Department of Transportation
Division of Traffic Operations
1120 N Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 654-6232
Email: dpenubolu@dot.ca.gov

All Other UAS Inquiries

California Department of Transportation
Division of Aeronautics, Mail Stop 40
Office of Technical Services and Programs
P.O. Box 942874
Sacramento, CA 94274-0001

Phone: (916) 654-3775 
Email: UAS@dot.ca.gov