News Release- August 2, 2023


News Release

Date:  August 2, 2023

District:   District 7

Contact: Eric Menjivar

Phone:    (213) 317-0339




Caltrans Awards 37 Vacant Properties Along SR 710 Corridor to Increase Affordable Housing


LOS ANGELES– Through a competitive bid, Caltrans today awarded 37 state-owned vacant homes and lots in the El Sereno community of Los Angeles to the city, non-profits and other organizations that will use the properties for affordable housing. Caltrans will soon send sales contracts to the winning bidders and expects to complete the sales process and transfer the properties in early 2024.

“This is a pivotal milestone in increasing affordable housing options and returning these homes to the community,” said Caltrans Director Tony Tavares.

Caltrans initially purchased the 37 properties – 27 single-family homes, three multi-family units and seven undeveloped lots – more than 60 years ago for the now-canceled freeway extension project on State Route 710. Legislation passed in 2021 (Senate Bill 51, Durazo) amended the state’s sales process for surplus properties in El Sereno, allowing approved housing-related entities to purchase properties at the original acquisition price with the requirement that they provide affordable rental housing or affordable single-family home ownership.

These are Caltrans’ initial awards for affordable housing of the resulting SR 710 Sales Program and follow a formal bidding process for each property.

Caltrans owns about 120 vacant single-family homes and multifamily residential units along the 710 corridor in Pasadena, South Pasadena and El Sereno, and more than half the vacant homes are in the sales process.

Caltrans is also offering current long-term renters with at least 25-year tenancy a chance of becoming first-time homebuyers by providing them an opportunity to purchase the homes they are renting. Additionally, current tenants with less than 25-year tenancy have begun to receive notices of offer to purchase the homes they are renting. Caltrans has provided “Notices of Solicitation” to more than 150 Caltrans tenants along the corridor.

For a list of approved HREs, or for more information on the SR 710 Sales Program, visit