San Benito Route 156 Project

Project Description

The San Benito Route 156 Improvement Project will construct about 5 new miles of 4-lane at-grade expressway from The Alameda in San Juan Bautista to Business Route 156 near Hollister. San Benito Route 156 provides a key east-west link between the Cities of Hollister and San Juan Bautista as well as the Central Coast and the Central Valley. The project will reduce peak hour traffic congestion and save millions in vehicle operating and accident costs. The project includes a roundabout at Bixby Road and Route 156 intersection.

This project is under construction and is expected to conclude in Summer 2025.

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Project Benefits

  • Saves accident and vehicle operating costs, $34.6 million over 20 years
  • Reduces congestion delay by 1,902 hours daily, 694,257 hours yearly
  • Provides $102.8 million return on investment over 20 years



Public Information Office, Caltrans District 5
Phone: (805) 549-3318

San Benito County Council of Governments 
Phone: (831) 637-7665