Big Sur Bridge Rail Replacements

Location: State Highway 1 in Monterey County on the Big Sur Coast

 Bridge Name
 Bridge Number
Post Mile
Year Constructed
 Big Creek Bridge
 44-0056 28.1 1938
 Bixby Creek Bridge
 44-0019 59.4 1932
 Rocky Creek Bridge
 44-0036 60.0 1932
 Garrapata Creek Bridge
 44-0018 63.0 1931
 Granite Canyon Bridge
 44-012 6403 1932
 Malpaso Creek Bridge
 44-0017 67.9 1935

Project Description

Caltrans proposes bridge rail replacements on six historic bridges along the Big Sur Coast to bring the facilities up to current standards.

Garrapata Creek Bridge Rail Replacement Project

Location: State Route 1 (Post Mile 63.0)

Project Description

Caltrans proposes a bridge rail replacement on the Garrapata Creek Bridge (No. 44-0018) to bring the facility up to current standards.

Project Facts

Garrapata Creek Bridge (No. 44-0018) is an open spandrel arch bridge that was constructed in 1931, widened in 1998 and seismically retrofitted in 1987 and 1998. The bridge is 285-feet long and consists of 12-foot lanes and 0 to 1-foot shoulders. This structure has nonstandard concrete baluster bridge rails on both sides of the structure. The rail end posts exhibit fine pattern cracking, and the barrier rail posts are severely deteriorated with dozens of incipient spalls and spalled posts in addition to previous impact damage. The project on State Route 1 in Monterey County proposes to replace the existing nonstandard concrete baluster bridge rail and approach railing on Garrapata Creek Bridge. The irreversible damage from pervasive salt laden fog has accelerated the overall deterioration of concrete and reinforcing steel of the bridge rail, warranting replacement.

Funding Breakdown

The total Big Sur Bridge Rail Replacement Program cost is approximately $45 million

The estimated total cost (including construction and support costs) for the Garrapata Creek Bridge Rail Replacement Project is $7,935,000.

The Garrapata Creek Bridge Rail Replacement Project will be funded through the State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) as well as through SB1 funds.

Notice of Public Scoping Meeting

Caltrans, in its role as Lead Agency, is not planning to hold a public Scoping Meeting due to COVID 19.  However, as a result we are extending the public comment period on the Notice of Preparation.
The purpose of the scoping process, as an extension to the Notice of Preparation, is to identify public and agency concerns, focus on the environmental documents that need to be prepared, and define issues that will be examined in the environmental impact report.

The Notice of Preparation can be found at this link:

The Public Scoping period began on April 13 and will end on June 15.

Please submit Notice of Preparation comments to:
Jason Wilkinson
Senior Environmental Planner
(805) 542-4663

Estimated Project Timeline

  • Draft Environmental Document (DED) release: Fall 2020
  • Approve Final Environmental Document: Spring 2021
  • Final Design and Permitting: 2021-2023
  • Advertise: Summer 2023
  • Construction to begin: Fall 2023

Project Contact

Carla Yu, Project Manager
Phone: (805) 549-3749