Vegetation Management Projects & Partnerships

Image showing the area on the side of the roadway for which Caltrans is the responsible agency for vegetation control versus the area's maintained by partner agencies.

With the launching of the Governor’s California Wildfire and Forest Resilience Action Plan (January 2021), Caltrans is embracing a "shared stewardship" approach to setting land management objectives, protecting natural resources, and implementing a strategy informed by State and local fire departments.  

Fuels reduction is a strategy used by CalFIRE and local fire districts for fire prevention. Fire prevention activities align with broader public safety goals for protecting the travelling public, adjacent land users, communities, Caltrans employees, transportation system asset infrastructure, and ecosystems from unplanned ignitions. 

Caltrans District 4 Maintenance Division is working hard to meet challenges and continues to scale up for a commensurate response to the effects of climate change. Caltrans Maintenance Division is partnering with the pre-fire engineers at state and local fire departments to develop and implement priority vegetation projects. Caltrans is communicating with tribes as well. 

Caltrans maintenance is not resourced for the replanting of vegetation, and we may not use potable water for irrigation during the continued drought. Caltrans will work to remove invasive plant species in project areas.

Caltrans Maintenance Division appreciates public understanding and support for activities that may be occurring across our nine Bay Area counties. 

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Vegetation Management Traffic Advisories

October 21, 2022 - Daytime On-ramp Closure for Vegetation Reduction Work in Mill Valley


Newsflash - Vegetation Management