District 4 Office of Local Assistance

Local Assistance provides assistance to local and regional agencies in securing federal and state financing for transportation projects, developing projects, obtaining environmental and right-of-way clearances, reviewing plans, specifications and estimates, and monitoring construction of Federal-aid and State-aid local agency administrated engineering projects within the District. Oversees development of local agency projects to ensure adherence to all current State and Federal guidelines and regulations.

For general information, please visit Division of Local Assistance.


Ephrem Meharena  Office Chief, District Local Assistance Engineer  (510) 960-0806
 Jimmy Panmai  (Limited Term) DBE/EEO Coordinator, SM/SF/CC  (510) 507-9943
 Marco Militante

 San Mateo, PPM, XCH, FTA

 (510) 421-6389
 Alan Wong  Contra Costa  (510) 410-0108
 David Pneh  Out on Contact Tracing Assignment  (510) 407-4760
 Jimmy Panmai  San Francisco, MTC  (510) 507-9943
 Michael Hufana  Invoice/Local Assistance Program Support  (510) 849-7984
 VACANT  ER Coordinator, ALA/SCL  
 Bahadur Singh  Santa Clara    (510) 496-9543
 Val Chauhan  Alameda    (510) 542-0278
 Kevin Tran  Alameda, Santa Clara    (510) 926-0602
 Lisa Wolfl  Invoice/Local Assistance Program Support  (510) 421-6265
 Jae-Myung Lee  HBP Coordinator, MRN/NAP/SOL/SON   (510) 960-0803
 Robert Le  Marin, Napa (all except the county)  (510) 960-0938
 Moon Rana  Solano, Napa (county only)  (510) 421-8017
 Ken Nguyen  Sonoma, SMART  (510) 960-0934
 Jasmine Wise  Invoice/Local Assistance Program Support  (510) 847-9789
 Tom Holstein  Environmental Manager  (510) 960-0794
 Dan Rivas  Napa, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Alameda  (510) 496-9416
 Thomas Premo  Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano  (510) 496-9273
 Hugo Ahumada  Marin, San Mateo, Sonoma  (510) 506-9362
 Keevan Harding  Biologist  (510) 421-4327
 Kelli Alahan  Archaeologist  (510) 421-6224
 Jose Reyes  Environmental/Local Assistance Program Support  (510) 926-0191
 Xi Zhang  ATP&HSIP Coordinator, IT Support, SCL (County)  (510) 960-0785
 Louis Schuman  SB-1, STIP, and Discretionary Program Coordinator, GGBHTD/BART  (510) 960-0820
 Haiyan Zhang  Environmental Manager (HQ), NEPA Assignment  (510) 286-5235
 Siobhan Saunders  Construction Oversight Engineer (HQ)  (916) 539-5081
 Veera Nanugonda  Construction Oversight Engineer (HQ)  (916) 205-8159