State Routes 20/193 Turnouts

Project Description:

This project proposes to construct four turnouts for slow moving vehicles on State Route 20 (SR-20) in Nevada County and State Route 193 (SR-193) in Placer County. Two turnouts will be constructed on SR-20 at Postmile (PM) 25.15 west of Conservation Road with one turnout in each direction. A third turnout will be on SR-193 westbound at PM 6.7 near Whittington Drive and the fourth location will be on SR-193 eastbound at PM 8.3 near Skyview Drive.

This project will provide designated areas where slow-moving vehicles, typically commercial trucks, may pull off the road to permit other motorists to safely pass. They also serve as traffic enforcement locations for the California Highway Patrol.

Project Location Map:

State Route 20 (Nevada County)

Map showing the location of a turnout project on State Route 20 in Nevada County. East- and westbound turnouts will be constructed just west of Conservation Road and Pine Needle Lane.


State Route 193 (Placer County)

Map showing the locations of two turnouts on State Route 193 in Placer County. A westbound turnout will be construction just east of Whittington Drive and an eastbound turnout will be added between Summer Star Way and Skyview Drive.


Purpose and Need:


The purpose of this project is to build turnouts at four locations to enable vehicles to pass slow moving vehicles in a safe manner. This will ease traffic congestion and minimize rear end collisions.


These parts of SR-20 and SR-193 are narrow and winding highways and lack spots for vehicles to pass slow moving trucks which leads to occasional rear end collisions and backups. Constructing the proposed turnouts will allow slow moving traffic to pull off the traveled way, thereby allowing other vehicles a safer travel path. This will improve both traffic safety and operations.

Cost Estimate:

Support Cost


Capital Cost


Total Project Cost



Project Approval & Environmental Document

July 2019

Design Completed

February 2021

Advertise Project

August 2021

Begin Construction

October 2021

Complete Construction

December 2022

News / Events 

Press Releases:

06.24.22 One-Way Traffic Control Continuing on State Route 193

06.17.22 One-Way Traffic Control Scheduled for State Route 193

04.27.22 One-Way Traffic Control Ahead on State Routes 20/193

04.07.22 One-Way Traffic Control Scheduled on State Route 193

03.30.22 One-Way Traffic Control Continues on State Route 20

Project Contacts:

Sam Vandell, Project Manager, (530) 741-4593;

Raquel Borrayo, Public Information Officer, (530) 701-5209;