District 2 Maintenance & Traffic Operations

Maintaining and Operating the State Highway System

The Maintenance and Traffic Operations Division is responsible for providing day-to-day highway service to the traveling public.

Field Maintenance personnel are strategically headquartered in 22 different locations throughout District 2; geographically, the second largest of Caltrans' 12 districts. Field crews are responsible for daily maintenance of their assigned highway segments. Annual activities include snow removal, pothole patching, culvert cleaning, litter removal, paving and much more. Additionally, a large part of their time is spent responding to any and all highway incidents that occur (e.g. traffic accidents and hazardous material spills).

The Maintenance Engineering office is responsible for engineering support for field maintenance, establishing priorities and performing preliminary scoping for the majority of capital construction projects and delivery of the contract major maintenance program.

The Roadside Maintenance office performs specialized culvert inspection with the latest remote controlled camera technology. Additionally, staff provide oversight for the Maintenance Division's Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program, the Vegetation Management Program and Disposal Site Management.

Traffic Investigations office provides specialized services and support in the areas of signing, striping, traffic accident investigation, traffic census, speed limits and traffic modeling. The office also supports delivery of capital projects and performs preliminary scoping and sets proprieties for a large percentage of District's capital program.

Traffic Management office provides traffic management team response, Traffic Management Center (TMC) operation and preparation of traffic management plans. This office is responsible for developing traffic management requirements to minimize delays through construction and maintenance work zones and provides the radio dispatch services to the District. Additionally, this office manages the highway census program collection traffic volume and vehicle type information for use by the Planning and Design Divisions.

ITS Engineering & Support office provides comprehensive technical services to the District 2 Transportation Management Center, the associated TMS field elements and an extensive field element communications network. These services include system design and engineering, integration design, implementation, capital support and maintenance support. We develop systems and software to facilitate effective use of our Transportation Management System and to support the export of images and data to the web for use in traveler information systems. We also are active in the Rural (research) Program Steering Committee and Western States Rural Transportation Consortium and sponsor many rural focused research projects.