Public Participation Plan for the CTP and FSTIP

Public Participation Plan for the California Transportation Plan and Federal Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan


The Public Participation Plan (PPP) (PDF) for the California Transportation Plan (CTP) and Federal Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (FSTIP) supports Caltrans mission to involve stakeholders and the public in transportation decision making and responds to federal and state laws and regulations that emphasize public engagement. The PPP describes Caltrans' strategies and techniques to inform and engage stakeholders and the public in transportation planning and programming with the purpose of maximizing participation and effectiveness.

The CTP is California's long-range transportation plan that provides a vision with a set of supporting goals, policies, and recommendations to help guide transportation-related decisions and investment to meet the State's future multimodal mobility for people and freight while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The FSTIP is a four-year statewide multimodal program of prioritized transportation projects derived from local and regional long-range plans prepared by Caltrans and the Metropolitan Planning Organizations and Regional Transportation Planning Agencies. The FSTIP reflects the State's transportation vision and goals laid out both in the CTP and in local and regional long-range plans.

The best planning decisions and processes include stakeholder and public participation. With this understanding, the PPP provides a framework to create an open and transparent process for stakeholders and the public to obtain information, provide comments, and receive responses during transportation planning and programming processes which will help Caltrans develop a sustainable transportation system that improves mobility and enhance livable communities and quality of life.

PPP Public Involvement Process

The PPP was originally published in 2008 with a previous edition in 2013. This 2018 edition reflects changes in communication technologies and public outreach best practices, and addresses current compliance with state and federal laws and regulations that emphasize public engagement. The Plan is a living document and will undergo regular review and elevation to measure its continued effectiveness.

The 2018 draft Plan underwent an internal review, followed by a formal 45-day public review and comment period from January 24 to March 9, 2018.

The public comments received by Caltrans and the responses are provided in the link below.