Regional Planning


Working cooperatively with the twelve Caltrans' district offices, the Office of Regional Planning (ORP) guides and maintains California's regional transportation planning process as follows:

  • Monitor the regional transportation planning process through the Overall Work Program (OWP) and Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), coordinate the administration and funding of these documents, and act as liaison and advocate for California's regional transportation planning program.
  • Responsible for the consistent and appropriate evolution of the regional planning process by reviewing and suggesting potential State and Federal legislation relating specifically to the regional transportation planning process.
  • Respond to expanding regional planning issues, including analyzing impacts of new State and Federal legislation and maximizing the positive results of technological advances in planning and communications.
  • Collaborate with Federal, State, and Regional partners to provide reliable information, guidance, and resources that relates to the regional transportation planning process.

ORP's goal is to identify and exceed customer expectations, maximize the use of resources, and provide additional training and support as needed.

Erin Thompson, Office Chief
(916) 654-2596

Marilee Mortensen, Branch Chief
Air Quality, Environmental & Health
(916) 653-3758 

Rosie Flores, Branch Chief
Fiscal Management
(916) 653-3957

Jacqueline Kahrs, Branch Chief
Regional Coordination
(916) 653-9255 

Priscilla Martinez-Velez, Branch Chief
Grant Management (Sustainable Transportation Planning Grants)
(916) 651-8196 

Ed Philpot, Branch Chief
Transportation Equity
(916) 653-8817 

Jennifer Duran
Grant Resource Management
(916) 953-2368


Regional Planning Programs