Smart Mobility and Active Transportation

Technical Guidance



The Smart Mobility and Active Transportation Branch in the Office of Smart Mobility and Climate Change (OSMCC) seeks to improve the linkage between land use planning, community values, transportation planning, and decision-making to achieve a more sustainable transportation system.

This involves:

  • Implementing Deputy Directive 64- R2: “Complete Streets – Integrating the Transportation System” to ensure Caltrans considers all modes as integral elements of the transportation system
  • Influencing policy guidance and improving practices to better serve the safety and mobility needs of all system users to achieve sustainable, or Smart Mobility, outcomes
  • Expanding the use of Smart Mobility 2010: A Call to Action for the New Decade (SMF) through implementation studies
  • Providing forms of technical assistance and training for complete streets and SMF
  • Developing improved land use/transportation data, tools, and models that can better evaluate  sustainable transportation alternatives
  • Developing research relating to multimodal transportation and sustainability
  • Expanding and maintaining partnerships and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.