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Corridor Planning is a multimodal transportation planning approach that recognizes that transportation needs are based on the complex geographic, demographic, economic, and social characteristics of communities. These locations are tied together by a complex system of streets, roads, highways, trails, paths, rail lines, bus corridors, and other elements that affect the convenience, safety, and accessibility of transportation choices. Increasingly, technologies such as real-time, web- and mobile-enabled trip planning and ride-sourcing services are changing how people travel. Soon, automated and connected vehicles, and unmanned aerial systems (e.g., drones) are expected to be part of our transportation landscape and will transform the way that people and freight are transported.



This Guidebook provides direction to Caltrans staff regarding the transportation planning process, but it can be used by other agencies. It does not focus on a specific fund source but should consider all available funding sources. It is basically a comprehensive analysis of a transportation corridor and should address multiple needs. The Guidebook was developed in collaboration with the California Transportation Commission’s (CTC) Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plan Guidelines approved in December of 2018. The CTC’s Guidelines were developed to provide guidance to eligible program applicants regarding the statutory requirements for comprehensive corridor plans utilized by agencies to apply for funding through the Solutions to Congested Corridors Program. In other words, the CTC Guidelines provide direction for one funding program and the Caltrans Guidebook provides guidance for corridor planning irrespective of fund source.



Caltrans Corridor Planning Process Guide - Feb 2020 (PDF)




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Purpose Page 4
Scope Page 4

Caltrans Corridor Planning Process Guide

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Introduction Page 5

Background and Purpose

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Eight-Step Corridor Planning Process Page 14
Scope Effort Page 17
Gather Information Page 27

Conduct Performance Assessment

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Identify Potential Projects and Strategies Page 40
Analyze Improvement Strategies Page 43
Select and Prioritize Solutions Page 50
Publish and Implement Corridor Plan Page 53

Monitor and Evaluate Progress

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Appendix A - Laws, Regulations and Policies Pertaining to Corridor Planning Page 56
Federal Law or Regulation Page 56
State Law or Regulation Page 57

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