Planning for Operations


Implement performance-based, multimodal planning practices that support system management and operations.

Planning for Operations is a concept meant to promote multimodal planning that supports transportation system management and operations. System management strategies typically have high benefit/cost ratios and help Caltrans achieve its goals of system performance, stewardship, safety and operational efficiency. New and evolving federal and State policies direct Caltrans to improve its system management planning practices as a basis for performance-based decision-making. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) planning and deployment is an important component of Planning for Operations activities.


Planning for Operations Strategic Work Plan

This project developed a statewide framework for planning for operations at Caltrans. This was accomplished by developing and coordinating processes for integrating Caltrans’ mission, vision, and goals into multi-modal planning for operations activities, as well as providing an action plan with goals, steps, roles, and responsibilities. The outcome of implementing this Strategic Work Plan will be improvements in Caltrans business practices to deliver safe, sustainable and efficient

operational strategies system-wide over the long-term.

Statewide ITS Architecture (SWITSA)

The Planning for Operations Branch works with the Division of Traffic Operations to maintain and update Caltrans’ Statewide ITS Architecture (SWITSA), as well as assessing the needs of Regional ITS Architectures. The Branch also assesses how Regional ITS Architectures are used, identifies issues that are barriers to their use, and recommends how they can be enhanced and improved to serve as a robust framework for integrated planning.

Regional Operations Forums

Building collaborative interagency partnerships to improve transportation system management is a Caltrans priority to help achieve system performance, sustainability, safety and network efficiency goals. Regional Operations Forums (ROFs) are a proven means to building effective interagency partnerships toward achieving these goals. In addition to helping build interagency partnership, these workshops serve to assess the capabilities of the participants in collaborative transportation system management and operations, and help to improve those capabilities

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