Transportation Economics



The Transportation Economics Branch provides transportation decision makers with expert research, analysis and legislative information to ensure productive and efficient use of public resources. The branch conducts economic analyses such as performing benefit-cost, economic impact and estimating motorist value of time. In addition, the branch publishes a county socioeconomic forecast and an overview of transportation funding in California. The branch assists Caltrans's Headquarters and district offices as well as entities such as the California State Transportation Agency, the California Transportation Commission, and external stakeholders.

Major activities of the Branch include:



The California Life-Cycle Benefit/Cost Analysis Model (Cal-B/C)

Cal-B/C is a suite of Excel workbooks developed by Caltrans’s Transportation Economics Branch to provide decision-makers with the ability to assess the benefits and costs of transportation projects associated with the highway system. Cal-B/C is continuously updated to ensure that it aligns with current transportation benefit-cost findings and practices. Cal-B/C consists of five modules: 1) Cal-B/C Sketch, 2) Cal-B/C Active Transportation (AT), 3) Cal-B/C Park and Ride (PnR), 4) Cal-B/C Corridor, and 5) Cal-B/C Intermodal Freight (IF). The Cal-B/C Sketch model is periodically modified to comply with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s “Benefit-Cost Analysis Guidance for Discretionary Grant Programs".

Cal - BC Modules - Version 7.1.  The Cal-B/C Sketch (Highway and Transit), Cal-B/c Corridor (Highway and Transit with Data Post-Processor), Cal-B/C Intermodal freight (Truck, rail), Cal-B/C Active transportation (Cycling, walking), and Cal-B/C park and ride (Carpool, bus, commuter rail).

Cal-B/C Modules

* Note: Cal-B/C emission rates were updated from EMFAC 2014 to EMFAC 2017. Cal-B/C v7.2 and the Emissions Calculator reflects this change.

Cal-B/C Modules for Federal Discretionary Grants

Cal-B/C Version 7.1 User's Guide and Technical Documentations

* Note: Cal-B/C version 7.1 User’s Guide and Technical Documentations apply to v7.2 modules. Any EMFAC 2014 citation, within the documentations, is a reference to EMFAC 2017. 

Historical Technical Documents

December 21, 2017 Cal-B/C Workshop

December 21, 2017 Cal-B/C Webinar Recording - Morning Session

December 21, 2017 Cal-B/C Webinar Recording - Afternoon Session

January 16, 2018 Cal-B/C Workshop

January 16, 2018 Cal B/C Webinar Recording - Morning Session

January 16, 2018 Cal B/C Webinar Recording - Afternoon Session

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