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About GIS

The DRISI System Information GIS Program is the focal point for all GIS activities in the Department including strategic planning, enterprise deployment, spatial data development, cartographic products, training needs, software purchases, and development of GIS applications.

What We Do

  • Geospatial Enterprise Operations Branch:
    • Coordinate and collaborate with Caltrans IT, transportation partners and vendors;
    • Implement and maintain desktop, server, and Web based geospatial technology within the Caltrans spatial data infrastructure (SDI); and
    • Maintain the GIS Data Library, facilitate GIS training, and maintain and deploy GIS software.

  • Linear Referencing System (LRS) Branch:
    • Enhance the capability for efficient and effective transportation decision making through the use of GIS technology;
    • Maintain and calibrate the LRS spatial database; and
    • Respond to requests for postmile event data.

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