Strategic Planning

Caltrans vision, mission, values, and goals integrate principles such as sustainability into every policy and strategic direction that align with its cross-cutting imperatives.  The Caltrans Strategic Management Plan 2020 – 2024 highlights the main priorities for which all directives are guided through state policy and planning activities.  These priorities are to improve and expand community partnerships in underserved communities, maximize financial “fix it first” investments, and commit to equity focused actions that advance the people, programs, projects, planet, and partnerships under Caltrans leadership.

The six overarching goals to which Caltrans Office of Sustainable Freight Planning aligns with are:

  1. Safety First
  2. Cultivate Excellence
  3. Enhance and Connect the Multimodal Transportation Network
  4. Strengthen Stewardship and Drive Efficiency
  5. Lead Climate Action
  6. Advance Equity and Livability in All Communities

With a true multimodal focus, the California Transportation Plan (CTP) 2050, California Freight Mobility Plan (CFMP), California Sustainable Freight Action Plan (CSFAP), California State Rail Plan (CSRP), California Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (CAT), California Climate Action Plan (CAP), California Aviation System Plan (CASP), and the Caltrans Interregional Transportation Strategic Plan (ITSP) together provide a policy roadmap and overarching planning  guidance  that re-imagine a transportation system which not only safely connects the multimodal transportation network, but efficiently drives further actions toward climate adaptation and resilience. 

Several federal funding products are available to assist the state with closing the gaps to its critical transportation infrastructure network and decarbonize the freight sector, leading to further enhanced community partnership alliances, industry collaboration, and other co-benefits that reduce the disproportionate environmental burdens placed on those most impacted by them. 

A National Highway Freight Program (NHFP) Network Map

Critical Urban and Rural Corridor (CUFC/CRFC) Designation Process


Wildlife Connectivity Maps

Stormwater Capture and Drainage Maps 

Vegetated Highways

CA Alternative Fuels Corridors Map

CA ZEV Truck Refueling Infrastructure Map

Air Quality Maps