2023 RTP Guidelines Update

Regional Transportation Plans (RTPs) are prepared by regional agencies to identify a 20-year vision for transportation priorities and investments. RTPs are developed by Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and Regional Transportation Planning Agencies (RTPAs) every four or five years in cooperation with FHWA, FTA, Caltrans, and other stakeholders, including system users. The purpose of the RTP is to establish regional goals, identify present and future needs, deficiencies, and constraints, analyze potential solutions, estimate available funding, and propose investments.  

The California Transportation Commission (CTC) has authorized an update to the RTP Guidelines to be adopted in 2023. Caltrans will prepare revisions that promote implementation of statutory requirements and a statewide approach to the transportation planning process. 

RTP Guidelines Dashboard (Smartsheet)

RTP Guidelines

Working Groups

  • Working Group Focus Areas 
    -Equity, Engagement, and Health 
    -Environmental and Sustainability 
    -Climate Change
    -Freight and Economic Development 
    -Transportation Performance Management 

Public Workshops

  • Workshop #1 - February 15, 2023
    -Flyer (pdf)
    -Agenda (Coming Soon)
    -Meeting Notes (Coming Soon)
  • Workshop #2 - TBD

Draft Guidelines 30-day Public Comment Period

Link to RTP Guidelines Comment Log 


  • October 2022 – RTP guidelines update kick-off meeting
  • January - December 2023 – Working Group meetings
  • February 15, 2023 – Public Workshop #1
  • May 2023 – Draft Guidelines released for 30-day public comment period
  • June 2023 – Public Workshop #2
  • August 2023 – Draft Guidelines released for 30-day public comment period
  • December 2023 – Anticipated adoption of final RTP Guidelines

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