Cal-B/C Training


Here you will find Cal-B/C training with PDF's and videos explaining Cal-B/C in depth. Some of the things included are what is a benefit cost analysis, overview of Cal-B/C tools,  how to use the Cal-B/C, and demonstrations of using the Cal-B/C tools . The documents and video links are separated by the different tools (Sketch, Corridor, Active Transportation, etc.).

Cal - BC Modules - Version 7.1.  The Cal-B/C Sketch (Highway and Transit), Cal-B/c Corridor (Highway and Transit with Data Post-Processor), Cal-B/C Intermodal freight (Truck, rail), Cal-B/C Active transportation (Cycling, walking), and Cal-B/C park and ride (Carpool, bus, commuter rail).

Training Supplemental Manual:




Active Transportation:

Park and Ride:

Intermodal Freight: