Emissions Modeling

EMFAC (Emission Factors) is an automotive air pollutant emissions and fuel consumption rates and amounts model that estimates the emissions and fuel consumption consequences of motor vehicle operation associated with California land uses and transportation systems.   

  • SB 743 Mobile Impacts - SB 743 (Steinberg, 2013) updates the way transportation impacts are measured in California for new development projects, making sure they are built in a way that allows Californians more options to drive less. This change will help us achieve our climate commitments, preserve our environment, improve our health and safety--particularly for our most vulnerable residents--and boost our economy by prioritizing co-located jobs, services, and housing. It will also reduce the time we need to spend in our cars to get places and provide more choices for how we travel, which will help to promote business, provide access to opportunity, and improve the quality of life across our state.

  • EMFAC Web Platform - This website provides California's emissions inventories of onroad and offroad mobile sources and tools to perform project-level assessment with custom meteorological conditions and scenario analysis with custom vehicle activity. It also provides detailed vehicle registration information aggregated up to the census block group level. This website is named after EMission FACtor (EMFAC), a model that estimates the official emissions inventories of onroad mobile sources in California.