State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Progress Report

The 2017 State Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan was California’s first statewide policy-plan to support those walking and bicycling through 4 objectives, 15 strategies, and 60 implementation actions.  The Office of Active Transportation & Complete Streets developed the SBPP Progress Report to highlight California’s efforts in response to the 2017 SBPP. 

Over 60 state and federal agencies, Department offices and districts, local and regional transportation agencies, and transportation partners across California are represented in the report.  The progress report shows robust implementation of the 2017 SBPP, with DOTP receiving over 600 lines of input from across the state.  Input was compiled through a thorough data gathering effort that included statewide webinars, focused discussions, web surveys and research, presentations for various transportation-related committees, and email correspondence.  The input was assessed and divided into the following content in the Progress Report:

  • Delivered efforts that are directly aligned with the 2017 Plan’s 60 implementation actions
  • Implementation highlights & next steps
  • Suggested concepts for consideration in the future full Plan update start on page 73

A copy of the SBPP Progress Report can be downloaded by clicking this link: State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Progress Report (PDF)



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