State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Progress Report

Caltrans Planning’s Office of Active Transportation and Complete Streets is excited to announce the start of the State Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan (SBPP) Progress Report effort. The 2017 State Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan: Toward an Active California was California’s first statewide policy-plan to support travel by bicyclists and pedestrians through objectives, strategies, and actions. The Progress Report currently underway will highlight California's progress since 2017.

Stakeholders throughout the state will have a chance to highlight their active transportation successes since 2017, share their current efforts, show implementation of the 2017 SBPP, and seed ideas and concepts for a future full update of the SBPP. The Progress Report is scheduled for a completion date of March 2023.

Timeline Graphic 

Share Success and Seed Ideas!

The Progress Report’s themes are “How we (California) did, how we are doing, how should we proceed next”.  We want to hear your ideas and highlight successes, including:

  • 2017 SBPP: Toward an Active California Implementation
  • Current Active Transportation Efforts in California
  • Statewide Active Transportation Successes and Innovations
  • Policy, equity, and climate topics to address in the future SBPP Update

Caltrans will reach out to partners around the state in the coming months in a variety of ways—from a statewide webinar to one-on-one meetings to focused group discussions.



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