Active Transportation & Complete Streets

The Active Transportation & Complete Streets (ATCS) Office leads active transportation and complete streets planning and policy. We engage partners, advocates, and communities to ensure their needs are voiced and met. The work improves linkages between land use planning, community values, transportation planning, decision-making, and transportation project delivery to achieve a more sustainable transportation system.

This involves:

These Active Transportation data sources provide the most updated information and data on statewide Active Transportation efforts.

Developing plans and providing guidance on how to improve the linkage between community values, planning and decision-making is an integral part of our office's daily tasks. Below are our most current plans and guidance:

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These policies, directives and orders were created to improve the safety and mobility needs of all system users while working to achieve a sustainable transportation system.



Collaborating with internal and external stakeholders is important piece in making sure we can provide the best tools, resources and training. The resources below were created by working with our stakeholders to expand knowledge and understanding of Active Transportation practices.


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Latest Updates

Caltrans is proud to share that District 1,4,9 and 10 have completed their Caltrans Active Transportation (CAT) Plans! Find out more at


Active Transportation and Complete Streets
Alyssa Begley
, Office Chief, Office of Active Transportation and Complete Streets

Romeo Estrella, State Bike and Pedestrian Plan Program Manager

Audrey Ogden, Active Transportation Performance Manager

Active Transportation Planning Branch

Kevin Tucker, Branch Chief, Active Transportation Planning

Janki Patel, Associate Transportation Planner, Complete Streets Training

Mahdi Yazdi, Associate Transportation Planner, Smart Mobility Framework (SMF)

Ryan Altschuh, Transportation Planner

Raquel Menanno, Transportation Planner, Smart Mobility Framework (SMF)

Mckenzie Metzger, Transportation Planner, CAT Plans and Complete Street