Librarians Sharing Transportation Resources

Caltrans Transportation Library serves as the facilitating library for the OCLC group, Libraries Sharing Transportation Resources (LSTR).

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LSTR Participant List 

LSTR Terms of Membership

Libraries Sharing Transportation Resources (An OCLC Group Access Capability (GAC) Group)
Participant Agreement
(Revised April 15, 2010)
The undersigned, entering into an agreement to participate in Libraries Sharing Transportation Resources (LSTR), shall:

  1. Be a transportation library.
  2. Subscribe to OCLC services as either a Governing Member or Member.
  3. Commit to resource sharing with all LSTR members.
  4. Provide loans of all circulating monographic (returnable) items to LSTR members at no charge.
  5. Provide photocopies for a maximum of 50 pages per bibliographic citation to LSTR members at no charge (a cost recovery charge for photocopies exceeding the 50 page limit is permissible and may be determined by the library).
  6. Provide a complete and accurate citation for requested items.
  7. Clearly identify request as being from a LSTR member library.
  8. Understand that LSTR member libraries retain the right to fill or deny requests for any reason and at their discretion.
  9. Only request items from the University of California, Berkeley, Institute of Transportation Studies Library (OCLC symbol CBT) if no other LSTR library has the item.
  10. If you've searched TLCat and the Internet and have not found the item full-text online or a transportation library you can contact directly for the item, you then may request the item through the TRANLIB listserv as a last resort.
  11. Consent to utilizing OCLC Statistics to view LSTR resource sharing activities, i.e. other libraries will be able to see statistics on what you've lent and/or borrowed through LSTR.

This agreement shall remain in force until the undersigned requests a cancellation in writing.