STARS2 Information

The Caltrans' Single-Trip Application and Routing System (STARS) is an electronic method for customers to obtain single-trip oversize/overweight transportation permits.  The original STARS has been replaced with a web-based permit application system known as STARS2.  Caltrans uses the same review process for a permit application submitted through STARS2 and a permit application sent through a fax machine.

A special feature in STARS2 allows customers to use the CalRoute – Route Clearing Database to generate a route. The database verifies the route is clear of any height and/or weight violations.  The customer then submits a single-trip application along with their generated route to Caltrans for review and approval.  STARS2 significantly improves turnaround time for customers and streamlines application processing for Caltrans. Caltrans' permit writers can approve or deny applications and return the processed application more efficiently.  The customer can then print their approved permit application from their STARS2 account.

STARS2 Features:
  • Templates allow for quick set up, easy editing, and reduces data entry.
  • Route clearing database provides current route restrictions.
  • Customers can print approved permits and reports.
  • Security to protect customer's privacy.
STARS2 Payment Methods:
  • Credit card.
    • A transaction fee of 2.3% will be charged by the provider and is non-refundable.
    • 6 business hours to make payment. Permits will be auto denied if payment is not made on time.
    • Credit Card Payment Instructions (PDF) (Instructions to be available).

STARS2 permit fees are the same as the current single-trip permit, $16.00.  

STARS2 Registration:

Please review the information below for instructions on how to create permit applications using the system. 

Interactive Application Instructions:
Use the instructions below to learn how to complete a STARS2 permit application, add additional user profiles, manage trucking companies, and manage the permit queue. CalRoute - Route Clearing Database:
All STARS2 permit applications must be submitted using the new CalRoute - Route Clearing Database. Visit the CalRoute resources page for more information.
For general information regarding STARS2 and/or questions on extralegal permits, contact the Transportation Permits Office.