SHRP-2 TIM 4-Hour Responder Training Course

This California modified course is intended to be given by two instructors from different disciplines whenever possible.

  • Law Enforcement - DOT; Fire - Law Enforcement; Towing - Fire; etc.
  • No federal or state funding is provided for the instructors or the students.
  • Instructors need to arrange for classroom space in their region and use the instructor contact lists that will be emailed to them bi-monthly to contact other instructors in their areas and arrange for support for teaching classes.
  • A list of agencies in each city and county is provided below.  The list will be updated on an ongoing basis as agencies are identified in a region.  If you have information on agencies that are not listed in the spreadsheet, please forward the information to:  Lawrence Wooster and Rafiq Al-Khali.
  • After completion of each 4-hour TIM Responder training course, instructors need to log the information on FHWA’s sharepoint site. Click here for information:

4-hour CA Specific TIM Responder Training Course Materials: