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The SHSP Update is an opportunity for safety stakeholders to work together to improve highway safety.  Federal regulations also require alignment with other plans including the California Transportation Plan, the California Freight Plan, the Highway Safety Improvement Program, and other plans.

There are many opportunities to be part of the process.  The Steering Committee shapes the direction of the SHSP and provides guidance to Challenge/Emphasis Area teams.  Challenge/Emphasis Area teams each handle a specific area of highway safety, such as Pedestrian Safety or reducing young driver fatalities.  Organizations can request to place a representative on the Steering Committee, organizations and individuals can be part of a Challenge/Emphasis Area team.

SHSP Co-Lead: Department: Email: Challenge Area:
Matt McKee CHP Aging Road Users
Sandra Carter DMV Aging Road Users
Jim Baross California Association of Bicycling Organizations Bicycles
Paul Moore Caltrans Bicycles
Raj Chharan Caltrans Commercial Vehicles
Sgt. Jason Blankenship CHP Commercial Vehicles
Lt. Brad Hofflander CHP Commercial Vehicles
John Ensch Caltrans Data Technical Advisory Team
Bill Ehart OTS Data Technical Advisory Team
Sgt. Jeremy Wayland CHP Distracted Driving
Wayne Ziese OTS Distracted Driving
Bonnie Sinz California State EMS Authority EMS
Sgt. Jeff Page CHP EMS
Kathy Bissell EMSA EMS
Eric Jones CHP Impaired Driving
Patrice Rogers DMV Impaired Driving
Jerry Champa Caltrans Intersections, Interchanges and Other Roadway Access
Firoz Vohra San Joaquin County of Public Works Intersections, Interchanges and Other Roadway Access
Bayliss Camp DMV Licensing
Officer Jamie Nunez CHP Licensing
Larry Starkey CHP Motorcycles
Richard Amaro DMV Motorcycles
Jim DeCarli Public Behavior Solutions Occupant Protection
Donna Black OTS Occupant Protection
Lisa Dixon CHP Pedestrians
Jim Owens OTS Pedestrians
Rachel Carpenter Caltrans Pedestrians
Roert Peterson Caltrans Roadway Departure
Richard Tippett Trinity County Department of Transportation Roadway Departure
Joe Rouse Caltrans Speeding and Aggressive Driving
Sgt. Scott Taylor CHP Speeding and Aggressive Driving
Jeff Shewmaker Lindsay Transportation Solutions Work Zones
Arshad Iqbal Caltrans Work Zones
Matt McKee CHP Young Drivers
TBD     Young Drivers
Mark Talan OTS Young Drivers


Contact Information:

For questions or participation, please email: