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Challenge Area: Description:
Aging Road Users This Challenge Area focuses on all fatalities and severe injuries resulting from collisions in which one or more aging roadway users, defined as drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists age 65 or older, was involved.
Alcohol and Drug Impaired Driving Includes collisions involving one or more impaired parties, where impairment is defined as any instance where a driver, pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorcyclist is under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescribed or over-the-counter medication.
Bicycling Includes cyclists or a passenger on a bicycle who were killed or severely injured in a traffic-related crash.
Commercial Vehicles Includes all victims involved in a crash involving a heavy truck, school bus resulting in a severe injury or fatality.
Distracted Driving  Addresses crashes where at least one driver diverts his/her attention away from the task of driving, which can include taking eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, or one's mind off the task of driving.
Driver Licensing and Competency Focuses on fatal collisions where a drive is unlicensed or does not possess a valid license for the vehicle class. 
Emergency Medical Services Focuses on the fact that Emergency Medical Services (EMS) can help reduce crash-related injuries and fatalities through high-quality medical care at the scene and during transport to a trauma center, especially when a severely injured patient can be transported to a trauma center within the first hour after the crash.
Intersections, Interchanges and Other Roadway Access The Intersections, Interchanges and Other Roadway Access Challenge Area deals with reducing severe crashes that occur because of conflicts at and between closely-spaced roadway access points.  
Motorcycles This Challenge Area includes all victims in collisions involving a motorcycle or moped.
Occupant Protection Addresses issues involving victims in collisions who did not use or improperly used a safety belt or child restraint.
Pedestrians Focus is on pedestrians who were killed or severely injured in a traffic-related crash.
Roadway Departure, and Head-on Collisions This challenge area includes victims involved in head-on collisions and collisions where one or more parties' movement preceding the collision is a roadway departure, e.g., leaving the road or crossing into the opposite land.  
Speeding and Aggressive Driving Includes collisions where speeding and aggressiveness was reported in the crash report as a contributing factor, meaning that a motorist exceeded the speed limit or was driving too fast for conditions.
Work Zones This Challenge area includes all victims in collisions occurring in a construction or repair zone, where construction workers could e implementing improvements in areas using lane closures, detours, and moving equipment.
Young Drivers This Challenge area includes all victims that were killed or severely injured in collisions where one or more young drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 was involved.


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