Traffic Engineering HQ Contacts

Contact Role Responsibility
Atifa Ferouz,
Nestor Cuellar
  • New Products - Signing and Delineation Material
  • Standard Plans and Specifications for Markings and Temporary Traffic Control Devices
Arshad Iqbal,
Samira Zalekian
  • California Sign Specifications, Sign Charts/Poster
  • Cal-NExUS (Exit Numbering)
  • Construction Project Funding Identification Signs
  • Functional Manager for 1146 Signs & Marking Orders, and 1147 TODS & Logo
  • Statewide Contract for Roadway Signs
  • TODS & Logo Sign Programs
  • (DUI) Victims Memorial Signing Program

Vijay Talada

  • California Traffic Control Devices Committee (CTCDC)
  • CTCDC Experimental items
  • California MUTCD  |  District CA MUTCD Contacts
  • California Manual on Setting Speed Limits
  • Functional Manager for 1139 Speed Zones

Hamid Zolfagharipour,
Brian Chow,
Harrison Lam,
James Gilliam

  • Electrical Systems (and related new products, Standard Plans and Specifications)
Randy Hiatt,
Sarju Patel
  • Traffic Safety Devices and their Approved Products
  • Traffic Safety Systems Guidance
  • MASH
Mike Hagen
  • MAIT
  • Technical Training
  • Legal Liaison